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Seyda Neen
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Bitter Coast
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
Seyda Neen

The port of Seyda Neen, known as the "Gateway to Vvardenfell" (as well as the less flattering epithet "Swamp Fever Capital of the World"[1]), was a small village in the southern Bitter Coast region, bordering the Ascadian Isles. Much of the town was built by the Gold Coast Trading Company in the years prior to the Three Banners War in the mid-Second Era,[2] though it was administered and protected by House Hlaalu.[3]

By 3E 427, House Hlaalu still governed Seyda Neen,[4] but the Imperial Legion guarded the seaport.[5] Its native population was small, though it was a common stop for Imperial travelers going to and from Vvardenfell. The Grand Pharos was a unique lighthouse at the harbor mouth renowned for guiding mariners throughout the Inner Sea. Most visitors were processed through the Census and Excise Office, part of the Empire's Coastguard station at the harbor. Imperial cutters used the dock as a restocking point to control smugglers and pirates running the waters off the Bitter Coast.[6] Silt striders provided convenient travel to Gnisis, Balmora, Vivec, and Suran. Wildlife in the surrounding area included cliff racers, Scribs, Rats, Netch and Slaughterfish. There were also Dreugh not far off shore.[5]

Following the Red Year of 4E 5 that devastated Vvardenfell and much of mainland Morrowind, nothing is known of Seyda Neen's fate. As it was located near Vivec City, which received the full brunt of Baar Dau's impact, and settlements across the island were destroyed by the resulting eruption of Red Mountain,[7] it is unlikely Seyda Neen survived the calamity intact.


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