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Members of the Remnants Clan

The Remnants Clan[1] (or Remnant Clan,[2][3] also called the Remnants of Apocrypha or simply the Remnants)[4] is an organization of Dremora in service to Hermaeus Mora, once sworn to defend Apocrypha. They are based in the Cenotaph. Unlike most Dremora, the Remnants reject the hierarchical structures common to their kind and have a completely synchronized organization with no ranks or leaders. The order sees themselves as protectors of knowledge, and they often steal artifacts, tomes, and other objects being researched that they deem too powerful for others.[5]


The group that became the Remnants began alone and drifting through the Void. They heard the voice of Mora communicating a deep need for champions to defend his realms of Apocrypha against invaders seeking to steal knowledge. Mora had selected the Remnants for this task and they obliged, discovering two items upon arrival in Apocrypha: a spyglass and a key. They each radiated a power that surged from Apocrypha through the Void and into a place they did not know. Their essences merged with these relics to open a gateway into a small pocket realm known as the Crux, and their minds and body merged into one whole hivemind in service of Mora as they entered of. A written pact awaiting the Remnants already contained their signatures, confirming to them that serving the realm had been their fate all along.[4]

The Dreamcarver Clan led a strike against the Remnants that broke their order, allowing them to take control of the Cenotaph in an attempt to claim the Remnants' power as their own. The Remnants keep their pact with Hermaeus Mora locked away inside the Crux, which is the core of their power and the target of the Dreamcarver assault.[6]


  • For game-specific information, see the ESO article.