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A Reefborn Wolf

Reefborn creatures,[1] also referred to as Coraldrift[2] (or Coral Drift)[3][4] creatures are artificial coral beasts that imitate the appearance of Tamrielic land animals. They can be found on the isles of the Abecean Sea. Among the known reefborn creatures are those that resemble bears,[1][2] senche,[5][2][6] haj mota,[3] horses,[7][8] guars,[9] wolves,[10] and possibly even dwarven spiders.[11]

The Mages Guild scholars speculated that the creation of Reefborn creatures involves the use of magic. Some animal specialists have theorized that druids might be responsible for their creation.[5] The druids of the Eldertide Circle were indeed capable of crafting these creatures.[12][2] Practices of Eldertide Druids of Coral Cliffs involved live sacrifices, including feeding living people to coral,[13][14][15] as a punishment for harming nature.[16]

Although the reefborn creatures share some characteristics with normal animals, their diet is different. Equine reefborn feed on algal blooms.[7] While guars are a rare sight in the region of the Abecean Sea, there are Reefborn creatures resembling guars that inhabit its shallow waters.[9] During the Interregnum, reefborn wolves were considered prestigious in this area, especially among the Druids.[10] Coral creatures resembling Dwemer spiders have been observed, but it is unclear whether they are mimicking the Dwarven spiders or if the coral has simply grown over discarded animunculi.[11]

Additionally, the reefborn creatures can be found wild on Coral Aerie, an island located off the northern coast of Summerset, and in the Dreadsail Reef, commanded by the Maormer.[3][4]

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  • The term "Reefborn" can also be used to describe certain weapons that are crafted from coral.[17]


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