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An exposed Quicksilver seam

Quicksilver is a silver metal used by blacksmiths and craftsmen. A freshly exposed surface of quicksilver had a blueish-white color and when extracted produced quicksilver ore. This ore could further be smelted into ingots.[1] During the mid-Second Era, quicksilver ore deposits could be found almost anywhere in Tamriel.[2] Quicksilver was relatively rare throughout Skyrim in the early Fourth Era, and the province was home to only one quicksilver mine.[3][4]

Quicksilver is used by blacksmiths to forge various arms and armor. It melts at a much lower heat than Moonstone, but with some skill can be mixed with it to forge Elven arms and armor.[5] Similarly, it can be mixed with Ebony and Steel to forge Nordic arms and armor.[1] Quicksilver armor and weapons vary in strength. During the mid-Second Era, blacksmiths managed to make it surpass the likes of ebony in quality.[6] This is due to the Guild Act which allowed for a greater diffusion of knowledge about exotic materials. The Mages Guild in particular are credited for learning how to refine such magical ores as a result.[7] However, by the Fourth Era, the norm was that quicksilver armor was slightly weaker than that made of Chaurus chitin.[8]


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