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The Pale Watch was a knightly order from High Rock during the Second Era. Pledging fealty to the monarch of Daggerfall, they were fierce adherents to their oath of vigil, but eventually descended into banditry.[1][2]

Following the end of the Akaviri Potentate in 2E 430, Orsinium lost its status as an Imperial province and was destroyed by Breton forces.[3][4] Four years later, in 2E 434, King Maxevian of Daggerfall sent the Pale Watch into Wrothgar on a five year mission to ensure the Orcs would never again rebuild Orsinium.[5] The Watch swore an oath of duty, and pledged to follow the orders of their leader, known as the Watchmaster, without question.[1] The Watch setup base at a watchtower in western Wrothgar, known as Watcher's Hold.[5]

As the years passed, the Watch maintained their vigil. By 2E 442, eight years after their mission began, communications with Daggerfall had ceased. The knights began to grow restless and sought to abandon their post, but the Watchmaster wouldn't allow it. By 2E 459, food and supplies were running low, as was morale.[6] An attempted mutiny resulted in the execution of several knights. In 2E 460, the Watchmaster came up with a plan to suppress any further rebellion. She secretly created a forged a document, purportedly from King Maxevian's heir, that ordered the Pale Watch to maintain their presence in Wrothgar indefinitely. By this time, the knights had already settled into a routine, and many of them had married between themselves in secret. The Watchmaster turned a blind eye to these activities, if it meant the Watch survived. Sometime after 2E 471, the Watchmaster died and was succeeded by the order's quartermaster, Gisbourne. Her last wish was that the Watch survive, and that they remain true to their original oath.[7]

Almost 100 year later, record of the Watch's mission only existed in the archives of Daggerfall. Although they still clung to their oath, they had turned to banditry and raiding to survive.[8] Unbeknownst to the Watch, High King Emeric had ascended to the throne in 2E 563. Under the banner of the Daggerfall Covenant, he allowed to the Orcs to rebuild Orsinium in 2E 567.[9] The Watch became aware of increased migration and activity in the ruins of Old Orsinium. Although the Watch still opposed the rebuilding of Orsinium, it went ahead.[10] King Emeric learned of the existence of the Watch and recalled them back to Daggerfall. They were ordered to stop all activities, and even offered complete amnesty and chest of gold as compensation for their service.[8] The Watch refused and killed royal messenger. The Vestige was sent to investigate the messenger's disappearance, and subsequently discovered their base under the watchtower. The Watchmaster, Sir Marq Tailas, attacked the Vestige but was eventually killed.[11]


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