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Lore:Orders from a Knightly Order

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Orders from a Knightly Order
An edict to recover the Memory Stone of Makela Leki

Dame Doisne,

Through King Eamond, High King Emeric has requested the order's assistance in doing a favor for King Fahara'jad. Centuries ago, a group of Redguard exiles sought refuge in Evermore. Not trusting the exiles, the king held them in an underground prison. Unfortunately, their status was never resolved, and the prison became their crypt—the Crypt of the Exiles.

Among the exiles was a warrior named Ulbazar who had stolen a Redguard artifact, the Memory Stone of Makela Leki. King Fahara'jad has asked to have it be returned. Retrieve the stone from Ulbazar's sepulcher and bring it to Madaima, a Redguard scholar at Martyr's Crossing. She will return it to King Fahara'jad's Impervious Vault in Sentinel.

Saint Pelin watch over you,

Knight-Commander Varaine