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Lore:On the Xivkyn

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On the Xivkyn
by Pelagius Habor, Council Daedrologist-in-Residence
A treatise on Molag Bal's elite vanguard

Daedrology is a science born of catastrophe. Our greatest discoveries are always written down on charred parchment by an unsteady hand—and so it is with me. The Planemeld has dramatically enhanced our understanding of the Daedra, but at great cost. I can only hope that my work will survive this latest disaster.

I believe that I am the first to write about Molag Bal's elite vanguard, the Xivkyn. The term "Xivkyn" is, of course, heavily Cyrodilicized—a crude portmanteau referencing their resemblance to both Xivilai and Dremora. And in fact, they are a hybrid race "bred" by Molag Bal to be his personal guard. They refer to themselves by many names; Stolavryk, Khimrykif, or Vyrsago depending on the hour. While they detest all mortal races, they reserve a particular hatred for their confederates, the Dremora. Xivkyn appear to place great emphasis on loyalty, making the Dremora's defection from Mehrunes Dagon an unforgivable sin.

Of all the Daedra, Xivkyn are the most like Molag Bal. They share his unquenchable thirst for mortal souls and his obsession with the acquisition of soul gems. This drive to "collect" strikes me as a kind of madness, akin to those suffering from advanced vampirism. While I've never witnessed a physical confrontation between Xivkyn, they routinely scheme against one another in an attempt to gain more soul gems. These plots are commonplace and rarely result in censure from higher ranking Daedra.

Despite the intrigues, the Xivkyn maintain a rigid code of military efficiency. Their fierce loyalty to Molag Bal combined with their physical and arcane might make them the most terrifying arrival since the Daedric Titan. While I'm sure there's much more to learn, I'm ready for this particular study to end.