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The Moon Hunter Pack was a werewolf pack that dwelled inside Moon Hunter Keep around 2E 582, the former garrison of the Werewolf hunting organization the Order of the Silver Dawn. Many werewolves rushed to join the pack for safety in numbers after hearing tales of the pack defeating the Silver Dawn and as a result, it became the biggest werewolf pack Tamriel has ever seen.[1]

It was led by Vykosa, one of the first werewolves. She could bend the will of werewolves, and she recruited both the willing and unwilling. Her pack had three known kinds of Werewolves. The first is the common Werewolf. The second is the Sable Man-Beast. Not much is known about them but their werewolf appearance is beast-like even while in a humanoid form.[2] and are observed to be more intelligent and less primal and are able to cast magic and use weaponry. The third are Werewolf Behemoths which is an experimental werewolf form created by Vykosa's Archivist Ernarde which grants them amplified strength and size and are unstoppable warriors, should they survive the process.[3]

Vykosa plotted to use her pack to take over Nirn, exact revenge on Hircine, and take down anyone that stood in her way.[4][5] The Moon Hunter Pack was stopped and Vykosa's plot was foiled in 2E 582 by the Undaunted, who participated in the Great Hunt and prevented the pack from gaining Hircine's boon, and when they entered Moon Hunter Keep and destroyed the pack and slayed Vykosa.[6]


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