Lore:Mir Corrup

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Mir Corrup
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
The Imperial Province of Cyrodiil

Mir Corrup is a resort settlement located in the province of Cyrodiil. During the Second Era, Mir Corrup had experienced a period of time where it was a prominent noble's resort.[1] Mir Corrup is located in the mainland, nowhere near the water.[2] During the late First Era, Mir Corrup was known for their hot springs. It was here, Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III's maiden, Rijja was captured by the Imperial Guard for suspected conspiracy against the Emperor. The only lead for this was Rijja's supposed involvement with Catchica, an Orma tribeswoman who attempted to poison Crown Prince Juilek Cyrodiil during the Four-Score War. Rijja had inadvertently met Catchica during her trip at Mir Corrup, which followed in her arrest.[3] Mir Corrup has been active since the late First Era, and the late Third Era amidst the Imperial Simulacrum.[2][3]