Lore:Mavos Siloreth

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Mavos Siloreth
ON-npc-Mavos Siloreth.jpg
Mavos Siloreth
Race Chimer Gender Male
Died 1st Era
Appears in ESO

Mavos Siloreth was a well-renowned Chimeri mage that lived during the First Era, amidst a conflict between the Chimeri and the Nedes. Mavos Siloreth is known for being the one who sealed one of the Brothers of Strife, specifically Balreth. Mavos Siloreth was among the mages that traveled to Stonefalls from Vvardenfell to seal the Brothers of Strife.[1] Mavos had utilized twin Flame Atronachs, Blaze and Ragebinder, to draw Balreth's power into them. In the end, Mavos Siloreth was able to subdue Balreth but had later passed away. His remains were interred into the necropolis of Othrenis. In 2E 582, Mavos Siloreth's spirit was contacted by an Agent of the Ebonheart Pact, looking for a means to re-seal Balreth into Ash Mountain. Siloreth had shown the Agent his past when he initially sealed the Brother of Strife. With this knowledge, the Pact was able to seal Balreth into Ash Mountain. Sometime later, Tanval Indoril had summoned Sadal at the Tormented Spire. Mavos Siloreth, among the other mages that sealed the Brothers, were present at the Tormented Spire.[2][3][4]



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