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Lore:Malham's Annotated Compendium of Arcane Contrivances of the Second Age, Volume IV

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Malham's Annotated Compendium of Arcane Contrivances of the Second Age, Volume IV

Just as it is necessary for the state to prepare arms and to provide abundant stores of victuals for the soldiers who are to fight for it, so it is fitting for Imperial Servants to fortify themselves against the assaults of pagans and heretics with a multitude of sound writings. So all know, and Malham speaks.

"White Finger of Lingering Death"
Produces the casting of Poison
By envious fate's decrees
Abide not long the lords of earth;
Beneath the poisoned bite the flesh must fall.

"Shroud of Night"
Casts the spell of Shadow
Whence art thou come? Know by his mien
That Shadow is power.

"Beacon of Warning"
Renders the power of Detect Enemy
Thine enemy be known.

"Glove of Service"
Grants the gift of lesser Monster Summoning
Though they be least, least answer thy call.

"Horn of the Hunt"
Grants the gift of modest Summon Brute
Pour out libations from the mingled cup; the soldiers answer; the captain's call.

"Badge of the Steward"
Grants the gift of Summon Wise Monster
From parched and arid wastes beyond the stars, the Wise harken to the clash of war.

"Guerdon of the Warden"
Grants the gift of grand Summon Guard"
From darkness he comes.

"Knower of Nightmares"
Grants the gift of Summon Surpassing Horror
When his horn sounds, the hosts shall part in fear and shame.

"Eyes of Arcane Sight"
Renders the power of Detect Spell
What works, bright or dark, are written between this world and the next? Those works you shall read as threads woven in fire.

"Curtain of the Unseen World"
Renders the power of Invisibility
Behind this curtain he moves unknown to friend and foe.

"Beckon of the Averted Eye"
Renders the power of Chameleon
The stalker is lost in the blend of light and shadow, color and texture.

"Arms of Feathered Grace"
Renders the power of Slow Fall
He falls, but with grace and keen eye, like the raptor upon his prey.