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Type Daedric Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
(West Gash)
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
Maelkashishi ca. 2E 582
Ashalmawia (Morrowind)

Maelkashishi is a ruined daedric temple found in Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. Situated on the bleak wealds of the West Gash, it is an old temple dedicated to the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath, one of the Four Corners of the House of Troubles.


In the midst of High King Wulfharth's reign in Skyrim, a representative from Maelkashishi traveled to the vast temple of Assurnabitashpi, in light of Mordrin Hanin's passing. On the ninth day of mourning, the cup of passage was mixed with a lethal concoction and passed to every guest that attended. The drink killed most of the attendees and provided Hanin with companions for his trip to the next world. It is unknown if the diplomat from Maelkashishi was among these victims.[1]

In 2E 582, the ruins became a refuge for the Cult of the Profane Bond. Outfitted with ebony equipment, they were hostile to anyone that trespassed within their domain. The Urshilaku Tribe hired an adventurer to clear out the ruins, and also to recover any relics that were in the ruins, so that they could be preserved by the clan's wise woman.[2]

Circa 3E 427, as part of a lesson to emulate the compassion that Vivec often showed to his enemies, the Tribunal Temple sent the Nerevarine to Maelkashishi to deliver a potion of cure blight to a heathen Sheogorath worshipper. The Nerevarine was rewarded with the book The Four Suitors of Benitah, to keep further emphasize the trait of compassion.[3] That same year, the Nerevarine traveled to Maelkashishi to obtain the Index of the Dunmer stronghold of Falensarano, allowing them to assemble the Master Propylon Index to use the Propylon Chambers to easily navigate Morrowind with ease.[4]

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