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A kagouti

Kagouti are large, armored bipedal reptiles, related to alits, guar, and wormmouths, that are native to Morrowind. Their defining features are their large tusks and the thick crests on their heads. Kagouti have a large number of teeth, sometimes growing a second or even third pair of fangs depending on age.

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A keeper

The Keepers (or Boneyard Keepers) of the Soul Guard are towering undead servants of the Ideal Masters who reside in the Soul Cairn. Charged with the incarceration of Valerica, they herded imprisoned souls and drain their energy to maintain the barrier in front of the Boneyard.[1]

Knight of OrderEdit

A Knight of Order

The Knights of Order are mindless Daedric[nb 1] soldiers resembling crystalline-armored knights. They serve the Daedric Prince of Order, Jyggalag, and make up one part of the Forces of Order, which also includes the Priests of Order and Jyggalag. Their origins and their goals are unknown. They are soulless warriors that kill without hesitation, and it is therefore highly advised to destroy them on sight. They are said to be without "a bit of original thought in their lifeless husks". They are only ever encountered during the Greymarch at the end of every era, during which they are summoned to the Shivering Isles via the Obelisks of Order that dot the landscape of the realm, wreaking havoc in anticipation of Jyggalag's return. The Knights are drawn to Obelisks like "flies to honey", and are summoned by Priests of Order though chanting and rituals.

Knower's EyeEdit

Knower's Eye

Knower's Eyes, (also known as Watchful Lights, and Eyes of Mora) are Daedric minions of Hermaeus Mora native to Apocrypha, taking the form of massive, floating green orbs resembling eyes. They possess the ability to captivate those who gaze upon them, diverting the attention of nearby foes and diminishing their combat capabilities. At times, they are observed patrolling landmarks in Apocrypha and firing green beams at intruders. Individuals who have been granted one of the brief yet powerful blessings, referred to as Verses, from Hermaeus Mora himself, can conjure and command the Knower's Eye in combat up to a certain extent. These blessings are direct bestowals from Hermaeus Mora, intended to aid and alter one's exploration within the Infinite Archive.

The Eyes of Mora may evoke terror, death, and despair for some, but they also serve as vessels for storing information. Dedicated followers of Mora take care of these floating eyes, tending to them like books on a shelf. These eyes are extracted from the countless orbs that comprise Hermaeus Mora's essence. Each eye, contains a memory personally witnessed by Hermaeus Mora, reserved as a significant recollection. To access one of these stored memories, one must physically enter the eye, which typically requires a key, a pass phrase, or another method of gaining access.

Scholars questioned whether they are sentient beings or mere extensions of Hermaeus Mora. However, they agreed that the presence of consciousness does not always indicate independent will. These entities exhibit controlled movements, resembling observation, and serve as a source of light within Apocrypha.

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A kobold is an obscure creature that has been mentioned in a number of derogatory insults. The droppings produced by this creature are noted for their foul odor.[2]

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The kollop is a type of bivalve mollusk akin to clams native to Morrowind.[3][4]:315 They occasionally produce valuable pearls. The cave kollop is a variant found in subterranean underwater grottoes.[3]

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The Kollopi are arboreal rodents that live in the province of Valenwood, mainly in the Graht-oak trees such as Elden Root and Falinesti. They feed off the tender, albeit slim branches of the graht-oak, which is why they are harvested by the local Imga. They are experts in collecting these creatures from the ends of the canopy, using their talented dexterity.

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Kotu GavaEdit

A kotu gava

Kotu Gava (or Toku Gava)[5][6][7] are large and vicious mosquito-like flying insects found in Black Marsh, Hew's Bane, and Summerset,[8][5] whose bite is known to be very unpleasant.[9] Kotu Gava Broodmothers are female Kotu Gava who produce a large amount of spawn.[10]

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A possible Kraken

Krakens are sea monsters found in the oceans of Tamriel. They are described by the Khajiit explorer Ja'dasha as among the most horrible and dangerous creatures of the sea, along with sea serpents and Sloads.[11] Kraken barnacles are presumably named after the creatures.[12]

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Kwama ForagerEdit

A kwama forager

Kwama foragers are a caste of kwama that hunt for prey and scout the surface and natural underground passages, searching for suitable locations for new colonies.[13] Foragers are aggressive, but not very dangerous.[13]

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Kwama QueenEdit

A kwama queen

Kwama queens are the largest of the kwama, which produces all of the nest's eggs. They are usually too large to move and their needs are attended to by workers. They are not aggressive unless provoked.

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Kwama WarriorEdit

A kwama warrior

Kwama warriors are a caste of kwama that defend their colony's tunnels with poisonous or shock attacks. They don't attack miners because they are used to their odor, but will assault outsiders without hesitation. Especially large warriors serve as the queen's consorts.[14]

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Kwama WorkerEdit

A kwama worker

Kwama workers are the primary source of labor in a kwama colony, digging tunnels and attending to the Queen and eggs. They are not aggressive unless provoked. They are capable of poisoning their opponents.

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