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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Appears in Daggerfall
Kairou, at the bottom of the map

Kairou is a region on the western coast of Hammerfell, in the Iliac Bay region. It is bordered by Pothago to the north, Myrkwasa and the Alik'r Desert to the east, and Abibon-Gora to the south.[1] Its main city is the city of Kairou.[2]

On the 20th of Evening Star, Kairou celebrates a special event called Chil'a. It is the blessing of the new year in the region and is both a sacred day and a festival. The archpriest and the baroness each consecrate the ashes of the old year in a solemn ceremony, then street parades, balls, and tournaments conclude the event.[2]

The regional deity of Kairou is Zenithar, and the dominant vampire bloodline of the region is the Selenu.[2] After the Warp in the West, Kairou became a part of the kingdom of Sentinel.[3]

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