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Lore:Justia Desticus

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First Sword Justia Desticus
ON-statue-Justia Desticus.jpg
First Sword Justia Desticus
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Next Ruler The Black Dragon
Resided in Kvatch

Justia Desticus was the original First Sword of the Order of the Hour,[1] a position given to the chief warrior of the order.[2] When Cavor Merula re-established the Order of the Hour in 2E 432,[3] she stood by his side and devised the Rigors of Akatosh, eight traits to which all members of the Order must aspire. She was considered the second in devotion in Akatosh's eyes.

A statue to Justia was later made in Knightsgrave to her memory as one of the Order's founding members.[4] Lyra Viria would later take the mantle of First Sword, and felt a connection to Justia when she traveled to Knightsgrave, curious if she would be proud of her taking up her role.[5]