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Queen Jolethe
Race Breton Gender Female
Born 3rd Era
Reign 3E 145-
Previous Ruler Pelagius III
Resided in Lilmoth

Jolethe was a noble from the early-mid Third Era and was a member of the Septim Dynasty. She is most well-known as the Queen of Solitude after her brother Pelagius III became the Emperor of Tamriel.[1]


Jolethe was the only daughter and second child of, at the time King Magnus Septim and Queen Hellena of Lilmoth. When the Siege of Solitude took place in 3E 137, she was present in Lilmoth with her mother. Along with her brother, father, her uncle Emperor Cephorus I, and her aunt Potema, they were reportedly the last members of the Septim family at the time.[2] After the battle, Pelagius III became the King of Solitude, but after the death of their father on the 8th of Second Seed, 3E 145, Pelagius and his wife, Katariah left for the Imperial City to become Emperor. Meanwhile, Jolethe took his place and became the Queen of Solitude,[1] as well as the title of High Queen of Skyrim.[3]