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Jewel of Fire (Arena Deluxe Edition)

The Jewel of Fire was a rare gem that was said to be a fallen star which still glowed with an inner flame.[1] The Jewel played a large role in the Imperial Simulacrum during the Third Era.

In 3E 389, Jagar Tharn used the Staff of Chaos to imprison Emperor Uriel Septim VII, as well as killing his apprentice Ria Silmane so word of his betrayal would not reach the Elder Council. To ensure no one could free the Emperor, Tharn attempted to destroy the staff. However, as the Staff of Chaos was indestructible, it was instead split into eight pieces which he then hid in dangerous locations throughout Tamriel. As a final failsafe in the event that the staff was reassembled, Tharn rendered it useless by draining the magic energy of the Staff into the Jewel of Fire, which was in turn hidden beneath the Imperial Palace.

Tharn was defeated by the Eternal Champion, who infiltrated the Imperial Palace with a recreated Staff of Chaos and used it to drain the Jewel's power.[2] Tharn, who had placed his life force in the Jewel,[3] was destroyed, and Uriel VII was returned to Tamriel.


  • The Deluxe Edition of Arena upgraded the game's finale and video cutscenes, dramatically altering the original appearance of the Jewel of Fire, instead of being red and ball shaped, it's now green and shaped like a faceted gem. However, the in-game appearance of the Jewel was not altered whatsoever.
  • The lore of the Mantella in Daggerfall has similar features to the Jewel of Fire, with Zurin Arctus having placed his "life force" within the Mantella, similar to Jagar Tharn placing his "life force" within the Jewel.[4]
  • The Jewel's origins and ability to hold magical energy are similar to that of items made from Meteoric Glass, a type of Aetherial Fragment.