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Grandmaster Jaiv-Yora
Grandmaster Jaiv-Yora
Race Tsaesci Gender Female
Born 1st Era
Reign 1E 2808-
1E 2835
Previous Ruler Vashu-Pir
Next Ruler Ettiene Volusus
Alduin's Wall

Jaiv-Yora was the third leader of the Dragonguard,[nb 1] who oversaw the construction of the Alduin's Wall in Sky Haven Temple.[1][3] She was remembered as one of the four greatest Grandmasters the Dragonguard have ever known.[4] [5] She served as the Grandmaster from 1E 2808 to 1E 2835.[1]


She who oversaw Alduin's Wall

That recorded the Dragons' rise and fall

We honor her, this third Grandmaster

Who led us through victory and disaster
Grandmaster Jaiv-Yora's commemorative plaque[1]
Wind Scour Temple

Little is known about Jaiv-Yora prior to her ascension as a grandmaster of the Dragonguard. According to some sources she succeeded the second leader of the organization Vashu-Pir and became the third leader of the order in history.[1][2] Little is known about the leadership of the organization in the years 1E 2758 - 1E 2808, but as of ca. 1E 2804 an unknown male Grandmaster of the Dragonguard was stated to be active.[3] During Jaiv-Yora's time as grandmaster between 1E 2808 - 1E 2835,[1] the Dragonguard was active in the province of Skyrim. In 2809 a Dragon was active in the east of the region. Scouts were sent immediately, and signs of it were discovered, but it fled when approached.[3]

In 1E 2812 Emperor Reman II permitted the construction of Alduin's Wall within Sky Haven Temple. Considered to be a wonder of the ancient world, its purpose was to record the accumulated dragonlore and prophecy that the Dragonguard possessed at the time. Its main focus was a pictorial representation of the Prophecy of the Dragonborn. The prophecy foretold of five key historical events that would preface Alduin's return after his expulsion during the Dragon War. Given that Alduin's return was inevitable, the Dragonguard believed that the wall was their gift to the generations that were to follow. Craftsmen from temples across the Empire were called upon to work on the wall, while Grandmaster Jaiv-Yora of the Dragonguard oversaw the construction of the wall,[nb 2] and after six years it was completed. Emperor Reman II returned to the temple in 1E 2818 to officially dedicate the wall. The Blood Seal outside the temple was consecrated in the presence of all Akaviri Dragonguard in Skyrim. This allowed the temple to be sealed, only ever to be opened by a Dragonborn to unlock its knowledge and power. The entrance into the temple, opened by the blood seal, was a giant stone effigy of Reman I.[3]

After her death she was buried in Wind Scour Temple in Hammerfell, and honored with a statue.[6][1]


  1. ^ According to the commemorative plaque in the Wind Scour Temple, Jaiv-Yora was the third leader of the Dragonguard. Her years of service are stated to be 1E 2808 - 1E 2835.[1] However, the second grandmaster, Vashu-Pir ended his service in 1E 2758.[2] Unknown male Grandmaster of the Dragonguard was stated to be active ca. 1E 2804, in the times between Jaiv-Yora and Vashu-Pir.[3]
  2. ^ According to the commeroative plaque in the Wind Scour Temple, Jaiv-Yora oversaw the construction of the Alduin's Wall.[1] According to the Annals of the Dragonguard the construction was overseen by a female Akaviri Master of the Sky Haven Temple, who was well versed in topics of the Dragon lore. This source presents the Master of the Temple and Grandmaster of the Order as two different individuals.[3]