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The Iron Wheel was an organization of bailiffs headquartered in Taneth during the Second Era. Originating from the Taneth branch of the Bailiffs Guild, when it and the rest of the guild collapsed following Imperial unrest, an inspector named Rhanbiq argued to retain the guild's former structure within the newly formed Iron Wheel.[1] Despite the idealism of some of their members,[1] the Iron Wheel had a reputation for zealotry and brutality.[2]

The Wheel earned income by transporting prisoners to Taneth and transferring them into the custody of either the Taneth guard captain or an Iron Wheel bailiff to be held until trial.[3] The Iron Wheel received payment upon delivering the prisoner, and the funds were used for the transport of personnel and supplies.[4] Additionally, officers could officiate weddings.[5] Members of the Iron Wheel did not make all of their own equipment, and at least some of their weapons and armor were supplied by the Merchant Lord Orahan at-Addin.[6]


In 2E 582, the Iron Wheel was hired by Lady Magnifica Falorah of Taneth, who requested its aid in recovering her dowry, which had been stolen from the al-Danobia family tomb. Led by Chief Inspector Rhanbiq, the Iron Wheel contingent on Hew's Bane set up headquarters in No Shira Citadel and carried out investigations throughout Abah's Landing. Rhanbiq suspected the Thieves Guild, due to a failed previous heist, and proceeded to try and hunt them down.[7]

The presence of the Iron Wheel caused some consternation for the merchant lords of Abah's Landing who saw the Iron Wheel as an occupying force prior to Taneth's conquest of Hew's Bane.[7] Former guildmaster Nicolas, who created the identity of a merchant lord named Cosh, had stolen the dowry and was to marry Magnifica Falorah, which afforded him an immense amount of power once the Iron Wheel returned home.[8]

With Magnifica Falorah no longer funding them, the Iron Wheel gradually returned to Taneth,[9] having lost a number of prisoners and seized contraband[10] and potentially even the very money to ship those remaining home.[9]

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