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Lore:Hlaalu Construction Syndic

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Hlaalu Construction Syndic
by Manaran Renim, First Clerk of House Affairs, Vvardenfell
An audit of Redoran business decisions

High Councilor Meriath,

I have completed an extensive audit of our ongoing business association with the Hlaalu Construction Syndic. While it is true that they provided us with much needed labor and resources, and it was certainly advantageous from a fiscal point of view due to their surprisingly (and now suspiciously) low bid for the contract, I have uncovered a number of disquieting consequences as a result of this continuing relationship.

As far as the construction of the towns of Suran and Balmora, aside from the garish use of Hlaalu architecture when the contract clearly called for the utilization of a more dignified Redoran design, they did complete the work on time and on budget. However, we inadvertently provided them with a foothold beyond Seyda Neen. This, in turn, has enabled them to establish business relations with all sources of raw materials and provisions throughout Vvardenfell, giving House Hlaalu a near-monopoly in these areas. Much of House Redoran now buys all of its local goods through Hlaalu aggregators!

Moreover, House Hlaalu continues to expand its influence in both towns, much to the chagrin of our regional councilors. It's clear they have their eyes on these strategic locations, and I fear that they know how to conquer us through business while we instead remain vigilant against more militaristic overtures.

In conclusion, I fear that in retrospect, we should never have entered into this deal with House Hlaalu. In the long run, we may have saved time and gold only to have lost the territory we so desperately require.

Manaran Renim, First Clerk of House Affairs, Vvardenfell