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Lore:Grudash gro-Shugharz, Orcish stonemason

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Grudash gro-Shugharz, Orcish stonemason
An Orcish stonemason's thoughts on Breton and Redguard architecture

ON-concept-Redguard tower.png
"They're even worse than the Bretons. Look at all this fancy stuff: engravings, gold highlights, fragile domes. Well, I guess when your city isn't constantly assaulted and destroyed by everyone on Tamriel, you can afford the luxury of making pretty buildings.
I just don't see the point. We need to build quickly, and build strong. I was told I could learn a lot from the Redguards' work. I guess their constructions are impressive in scale, and they do manage the heat just fine, but I don't really see the applications for us back home. If you meet any of their stonemasons, send 'em my way. Maybe they can prove they know something worthwhile."