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Lore:Grand Maestro Forte's Research

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Grand Maestro Forte's Research

An unknown language covers the massive stone discovered in the heart of Ebon Stadmont. I have been able to make some progress in formulating a key to translate the ancient language, but I have so little to work with save the writing on the stone.

* * *

The language is definitely older than anything I've studied in Tamriel or even in the whole of Nirn. I suspect it has some connection to Daedric, but as impossible as it sounds, I think this writing may even predate the language of Oblivion.

* * *

I was able to translate one of the stanzas on the stone, but I have no idea what it signifies.

"The crows lead the way,
When our paths go astray,
And the towering trees block the way."

* * *

My efforts continue to yield results. I found this stanza to be particularly mystifying.

"A pair of crows to begin your search,
Then a lone crow upon a perch,
But it's not one or two that open the way,
The crows will have their say."

* * *

The more I study this mysterious language, the more anxious and concerned I become. It sometimes seems that just trying to unravel its meaning is garnering the attention of forces I can barely begin to understand. I think I'll put this research away for a while and turn my efforts to other projects.

Perhaps I'll finish writing that comedy about the three Khajiit who lost their silken gloves.