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Lore:Gordhaur the Shaper

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Gordhaur the Shaper
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Died 1E 242
Resided in Ninendava

Gordhaur the Shaper was one of the Ayleid Kings.[1][2] He was leader of the city of Ninendava. In 1E 242, he was challenged to a duel by Pelinal Whitestrake, who smashed his head on a goat-faced altar at Ninendava and killed him. Pelinal also used a plague spell to prevent him from reforming by welkynd-magic.[2]

He was named alongside other Ayleid Kings such as Fire King Hadhuul, Haromir of Copper and Tea, the Flower King Nilichi, and legendary Umaril the Unfeathered by members of the Wooded Eye, a Bosmeri cult of the Hermaeus Mora.[1]

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