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Galur Rithari
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Galur Rithari Circa 2E 582
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Appears in ESO

Galur Rithari was a member of the Buoyant Armigers before he was infected with Vampirism. He is known for his manuscripts detailing a possible cure to the curse, whose contents are deemed heretical by the Tribunal Temple.[1]

Galur Rithari's life as a Buoyant Armiger brought prominence to his family and respect to his name. He expected to live out his days in service to his Lord Vivec and the Tribunal, but his encounter with the vampires from the Aundae Clan would shatter those hopes. During a raid on the Daedric Ruins of Bal Ur, the vampires came unexpectantly. The place that the Armigers invaded was a place important to the Aundae's vampiric heritage as it was rumored to be the birthplace of the progenitor of vampires, Molag Bal. This angered the clan, and they slew most of the armigers before they were able to draw their weapons. Seeing that it was futile, Galur submitted and hoped to die an honorable death. Instead, he was used as a source of blood by one of the vampire gentlemen. Days passed in the depths of the ruins of Bal Ur, and he began to dream wonderful dreams as he began to sleep into undeath. His sweet dream of Vivec City and the radiance of his god Vivec turned into a nightmare, and the Tribunal god morphed into Molag Bal and pierced his fangs into Galur's heart. He woke up as a vampire of the Aundae bloodline and fell into despair. Galur abandoned all hope and gradually integrated into the affairs of Clan Aundae. He would make no human his prey, only beasts, and kept himself apart from the other clankin.[2]

His will would eventually break, and he would seek the blood of mortals to sate his gnawing agony. Conflicted on the thoughts of condemning an innocent to death, he sought to feed on the wicked. In 2E 582, his clan would eye the daedric ruins dedicated to Molag Bal, Ashalmawia, which had been inhabited by the Worm Cult. The clan sought to eradicate them from the ruins but Galur volunteered to keep watch over Ashalmawia and slipped away from the clan.[2] He feasted on the Worm Cultists, and got his first taste of mortal blood. Inside, he met the Vestige, who had been dispatched to eradicate the Worm Cult on the orders of the Ordinators from the order of war.[3] The encounter gave Galur a spark of hope, for the Vestige was an example of a person who has defied the lord of domination. Galur continued preying on the Worm Cultists, hoping that by feeding on Molag Bal's servants, the prince would be willing to hear his voice.[4]

Eventually, Galur would return to his post in Bal Ur. He began to prey upon its inhabitants, hoping to atone for his sins as a vampire or to perish by their hands. By chance, deep within the ruin's cavern, he made a petition to Molag Bal, who responded to his call. The prince demanded a cursed soul gem of a mysterious nature from a deep cavern on the northern slopes of Dagoth Ur. When he retrieved it, he placed the gem within the basin before Molag Bal's altar, and instantly experienced blinding of such pain and terror that it cannot be expressed in word. It was seemingly a dream, where he was being sliced by thousands of tiny knives from his bowels inside out. Galur awoke before the altar, and gazed into the reflection of his sword blade and looked at his face, relieved to no longer be a creature of the night.[1]

Galur would create additional copies of his manuscript in his efforts to inform others of the cure for vampirism. He was met with hostility from the Tribunal Temple, who imprisoned him on the grounds of heresy and banned his writings. Due to the ban on his manuscripts, they became a highly sought after collectors item, and the cure he sought so long for faded to obscurity. He was forced to disavow his claim due to coercion and lived his final years as a librarian in the Hall of Wisdom in Vivec City.[5]


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