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Lore:Frostmere Crypt

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Frostmere Crypt
Type Nordic Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Pale
Appears in Skyrim
Frostmere Crypt (Skyrim)

Frostmere Crypt is a Nordic ruin located on the mountain slopes of the Pale, in the province of Skyrim. The crypt was built many years ago to seal away an ancient spirit named Aumriel. She is remembered in history and local folklore as the Pale Lady, a malicious ghost that wanders the northern Drajkmyr Marsh and steals children while looking for her lost daughter.[1] Deep in the crypt is her tomb, which is surrounded by a boreal glade and spring of water. On top of her sarcophagus is the Pale Blade, an ancient Nordic sword that keeps her from awakening.[2]


Frostmere Crypt was built sometime between the late Merethic Era and the early First Era. In those times, Ysgramor's heirs waged a long-term war against the mysterious figure, Aumriel for decades. She was ultimately sealed away in Frostmere Crypt's glade, with the Pale Blade used as the key to her tomb.[1] Since then, the ruins were left abandoned and the entrance into Aumriel's glade was blocked by rocks.[2]

Frostmere Crypt was later occupied by a gang of bandit treasure hunters led by Kyr sometime in 4E 200, and after thirteen months of living in the crypt with little progress either in the ruins, or with caravan raids, they recruited two newcomers, Eisa Blackthorn and her associate, Ra'jirr. With the two of them, they managed to make significant progress on both fronts until Eisa and her miners stumbled onto Aumriel's tomb by the fifteenth week. Kyr took the Pale Blade as a trophy, but in doing so, unleashed Aumriel's wick influence on some of his crew, specifically Ra'jirr.[2] Ra'jirr kept hearing her voice in his head, in the winds, and in his dreams. He realized that the Pale Blade must be returned to the monument,[3] but Kyr relented and eventually he stole the sword. In response, Kyr placed a bounty on both Ra'jirr and Eisa for one-hundred gold.[4]

Eisa tried to make a run for it but was caught by some of the bandits outside the crypt. They were later defeated by a traveler, who decided to investigate the situation themself. They made their way through Frostmere Crypt, and came across the glade, where Kyr had been stabbed and Ra'jirr attacking the Pale Lady. In the end, the spirit was defeated but both Ra'jirr and Kyr were killed. The Pale Blade was taken anyway, having no longer served its purpose.[5]


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