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SK-animation-Shriekfloater Idle.gif
A Shriekfloter in motion
Type Beast
Range Western Reach
Appears in


Floaters are airborne creatures that have been known to infest the Crypt of the Hearts, a masuleom in the Western Reach of eastern High Rock, near the borders of Skyrim and Hammerfell. In appearance, the floater bears a passing resemblance to both an octopus and a jellyfish. From the central body mass, eight long tendrils trail far beneath the floater. These tendrils are connected by a membrane which extends approximately a third of the tendrils' length. The creature looks similar to an umbrella, especially when viewed from below. The floater's novel method of locomotion is to pulse their body to float through the air, much like an umbrella opening and closing.

There are several varieties of floater, differentiated by both their coloration and number of eyes. Their colors range from bleak tans to vibrant blues. Their eyes are arranged radially around their body with one set between each tendril, with both eight and sixteen eyed varieties known. Floater sacs can be harvested from their bodies as alchemical reagents and seem to play a role in keeping this creature airborne.[1] Some varieties are known carriers of disease that can be transmitted to people.

Ill Floaters are the weakest type of floater, and has a brown coloration and gloomy physical appearance. Shriekfloaters are the most vibrant variant of floater, having a red and blue color palette present throughout its body. Shadow Tentacles are the strongest type of floater. They have 16 eyes and have a white coloration.[2]


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