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Lore:Fallowstone Hall

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Fallowstone Hall
Type Mead Hall
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Rift
(Stony Basin)
Appears in ESO
Fallowstone Hall ca. 2E 582

Fallowstone Hall was a historical hall located in the northern hills of the Rift, in the province of Skyrim. It was an ancient site built and occupied by the Companions, the guild of mercenaries active in Skyrim. It was their main holdout in the region, created by one of the original Five Hundred Companions and it currently serves as both a museum and mortuary for their dead brethren.[1][2]


Captain Gurilda Sharktooth and her crew, the Fallowfire traveled south past the mountain range, Ysgramor's Teeth and discovered the Rift. From there, the crew hunted down Snow Elven settlements until the elves eventually assembled for one final battle. This battle took place on a hill west of modern-day Shor's Stone and lasted a day until the elves were ultimately defeated. Many warriors died in that battle, such as Bergitte the Toothless, Kajord Eagle-Eye, and even Captain Gurilda. To honor them, the Companions toiled through the hill and built a Hall of the Dead, with a great stone cairn to mark it. Gurilda's first mate, Vikord One-Ear decided to end the Fallowfire's journey in the Rift and built a great hall on the battle site called Fallowstone Hall, in homage to their ship.[3]

Fallowstone Hall became a museum for past heroic acts committed by either the Five Hundred Companions or the Fallowstone Companions. For one they have memorabilia from the past, such as a ruined statue of Yngol, Ysgramor's oldest son who died during the Storm of Separation and the sword of Bron Darkhammer, Icecleaver. They also have trophies from their past triumphs, such as a dragon skull of Dukaanfinsot, which dates back to the Dragon War and the skull of Arteg the Redfang, a beast of legend that slaughtered 15 warriors before they took it down.[4] One of their most prized artifacts was Wuuthrad, the ancient battleaxe used by Ysgramor in the Return.[2]

By the mid-Second Era, Fallowstone Hall served as the Companions' main headquarters. Its Harbinger was Vigrod Wraithbane.[2] Sometime in 2E 582, the Order of the Black Worm formed an alliance with three Reach clans, the Boneshapers, the Stonetalons, and the Rageclaw. In a combined effort, the Rageclaw led by Chieftain Frostfang assaulted Fallowstone Hall to steal Wuuthrad in the hopes of reviving the half-giant chieftain, Sinmur and his army. The recruits that stayed to protect the hall were killed and its sage, Tirora was also killed. Most survivors fled to the shrines while the Reachmen sealed themselves in the inner vault.[2]

Harbinger Vigrod and the King's Arrow led the fight to retake Fallowstone Hall, first by rallying any survivors. When the Companions realized that the Reachmen placed a ward on the vault, the King's Arrow made contact with Tirora's spirit, who dispelled the barrier. While the Harbinger fended off the Reachmen, the King's Arrow defeated Chieftain Frostfang but found Wuuthrad gone. As Fallowstone Hall recovered from the attack, the Ebonheart Pact continued the fight against the Reach clans until they cornered them in Vernim Woods.[5] With the lack of a sage, the skald, Svari took on the trials with the King's Arrow to become Fallowstone Hall's new sage. The ritual was a success and Svari was able to continue from where Tirora left off.[6]



  • Some time in the Second Era, Flaccus Terentius was invited to Fallowstone Hall by Vigrod Wraithbane and documented his time there as part of The Improved Emperor's Guide to Tamriel. He noted that the hall's foundation was very secure and that the timber and woodwork were of surprising quality. It had firm trestles and it made good use of both pine and fir, but also an abundance of carved dragon skulls.[7]
  • There is a similarly named place called Fallowstone Cave located northeast of Riften and southeast of Fort Greenwall. It is normally occupied by giants and it leads into a grove deep in the Velothi Mountains. It is unknown how these two locations are related aside from possessing a similar name.

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