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Eveli Sharp-Arrow
ON-npc-Eveli Sharp-Arrow.jpg
Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Born 2nd Era
Appears in ESO, Smolder Scrolls Online

Eveli Sharp-Arrow was a Bosmer adventurer active during the Interregnum who came from an extensive bloodline of hunter, scouts, and warriors. Her familial traditions predisposed her to becoming a great archer, as well as to how confidently she carried herself.[1] Like all Bosmer of renown, she earned a byname which hinted at her great skill.[2] At a young age, her bow was like an extension of her own body, and she was capable of quickly unloading her quiver and accurately hitting her intended targets.[1] She was also very nimble, with one of her feats being distracting Mehrunes Dagon while subsequently dodging his massive axe and his fists.[UOL 1] In her spare time, she enjoyed reading literature regardless of genre, though she had a soft spot for stories about adventures and mysteries. Her favorite literary figure was Investigator Vale.[1] She had twelve siblings,[3] a notable one was Beragon Sharp-Dagger, who was an adventurer and later a scribe in the court of Emperor Moricar.[2]



At the start of her adventuring career, Eveli was eager to make a name for herself, but her naivety and inexperience others were eager to exploit.[1] The Eyes of the Queen dispatched one of their own to scout her on her first adventuring gig as a potential recruit for the Aldmeri Dominion.[1][4] Eveli set out as a guard for a caravan headed to the Orsinium newly established by King Kurog. In her first encounter with conflict, she quickly put an end to a raid by Red Rook Bandits as quickly as it had begun. The experience of putting arrows through live people left her sickened and pale.[4]

As Eveli reached Wrothgar, she defended the caravan's occupants from a Winterborn attack, and the arrival of reinforcements from Chief Bazrag and his Fharun Clan provided much needed respite.[5] Seeing her skill with her bow was impressive, she was asked to go to assist with King Kurog's siege of Frostbreak Fortress that the Winterborn had occupied. There, the Orc militia bombarded the fortress with their siege weapons, all the while, the Reachmen's flock of harpies swooped in and claimed various lives.[6] With Eveli's help, they razed the harpy nests, and sabotaged the briar heart production within the fortress with the concoction crafted by a Breton alchemist named Alinon. In the end, the efforts culminated with Winterborn's leader, Urfon Ice-Heart, being killed. Without a leader, the Winterborn scattered and the Orcs claimed victory.[7][8]

After her brief detour, Eveli finally made it to Orsinum, but she would not rest long. The Vosh Rakh, a cult of fanatic Trinimac worshippers invaded Fharun Stronghold and threw Chief Bazrag into Fharun Prison.[9] While the chief was imprisoned and under the guise of Malacath worshippers, the Vosh Rakh attacked the Temple of Ire in Orsinium in Bazrag's name and harmed the priesthood including High Priestess Solgra.[10] Bazrag's shield-wife, Ulsha asked Solgra for help and in order to avoid a possible civil war,[11] she sent two warriors, the Vestige and Eveli Sharp-Arrow to Fharun Stronghold and rescue the chieftain. Once they met Ulsha outside the stronghold, they were able to confirm their story and their lack of involvement in the temple's attack.[12]

Eveli accompanied the Vestige as they infiltrated Paragon's Remembrance, the base of the Vosh Rakh. They took on disguises and learned of the cult's plan of attacking the Orcish chiefs at the moot.[13] Over at Orsinium, Eveli and Bazrag were captured by Kurog and Kurog's mother Alga, who revealed themselves to be behind the Vosh Rakh cult, and that with the deaths of all the clan leaders at the moot, all of Orsinium would be united under Kurog. Their attempts to restrain the Vestige failed, and the hero escaped with both Eveli and Bazrag despite the assault from the Vosh Rakh.[14] With their true enemy now exposed, Eveli joined on the assault on the Temple of Ire. There, she helped Bazrag evacuate the chiefs from the assassination attempt, while the Vestige stayed behind and slew King Kurog and Forge-Mother Alga.[15] Chief Bazrag became the new orcish king, but despite Kurog's treachery he was granted a traditional Orcish requiem for the dead. Eveli attended the funeral, and there Bazrag offered her a role to train an Orcish archery unit. It is unknown if she decided to take the offer.[16]

Gates of OblivionEdit

Eveli was subsequently hired by a mysterious benefactor to retrieve the Mysterium Xarxes from the Black Drake Villa, which was occupied by the True-Sworn who were in the process of burning the place down. With the assistance of the Undaunted, Eveli's endeavor was successful, and the leader of the True-Sworn, Pyroturge Encratis, was slain. Over the Blackwood region of Cyrodiil and Black Marsh, the Vestige uncovered a dark pact between the fallen Longhouse Emperors of Cyrodiil and the Daedric Prince, Mehrunes Dagon.[17] Related to this plot, Lyranth, together with the Vestige, uncovered a conspiracy which led to the discovery of a secret kept for three generations by the Longhouse Emperors, one that could threaten Nirn. Artifacts known as the Four Ambitions were created by Mehrunes Dagon, but what they were required further investigation to uncover the truth and capabilities surrounding them.[18]

The Order of the Waking Flame had set forth their plans to acquire the Four Ambitions, just as it was ordered by Emperor Leovic. After several members of the Elder Council were supposedly murdered by the Dark Brotherhood, Captian Rian Liore of the Ivory Brigade sent an adventurer to warn Councilor Vandacia but found that the Black Fin Legion had captured their Brotherhood assailant, Elam Drals and placed him in custody underneath the courthouse. But before he could have been interrogated, Elam escaped into the Twyllbek Ruins and was in hot pursuit by the adventurer. Eventually, the two reconciled in the ruins and Elam denied any involvement in the murders.[19] However, the Brotherhood were then framed for the murder of several Elder Councilors in Leyawiin by the Order of the Waking Flame. The Vestige and Eveli Sharp-Arrow entered the sanctuary as agents of Leyawiin and spoke with Elam Drals, who confirmed that the Brotherhood was not behind these assassinations. However, the Waking Flame chose this moment to the sanctuary, teleporting inside using Daedric portal magic. The group managed to escape with their lives, but the attack resulted in the deaths of many Dark Brothers at the hands of the cultists.[20]

Destron, one of the Four Ambitions

The Vestige, Lyranth, and Eveli then ventured to the Doomvault Capraxus in the southeastern part of the Blackwood. They discovered that two Ambitions were kept there. It was revealed that they were not artifacts but people imbued with immense power, Destron and Calia. Eveli and her allies defeated the Dagonite who coveted the power of the Ambitions and escorted them to the Temple of Dibella in Gideon.[21] Once the safety of the twins was ensured she attended the meeting of the Dagonites in Vandacia's Keep in the Deadlands. Together with her allies, Eveli rescued Sombren, the third Ambition from the hands of the cult.[22] Vandacia eventually learned that three of the Four Ambitions were hiding in Gideon and gathered the cult around the city for a large-scale attack. But before he was able to advance, the ambitions were relocated northwest to a repurposed Fort Redmane on the Lower Niben, primarily guarded by the Black Fin Legion and other allies. The battle in Fort Redmane was a victory for the heroes but at the expense of Destron's life. With High Priest Vandacia's dead,[23] Eveli attended later the celebrations with the Vestige in Gideon.[24]

Eveli was subsequently sent by Lyranth to obtain Longhouse Emperor documents to look for more clues pertaining to the Fourth Ambition. Concurrently, Lyranth orchestrated the assault on Ardent Hope in the Deadlands, the fortress of the Valkynaz Nokvoz, and perhaps the strongest of Mehrunes Dagon's Strongholds.[25][26] After the victory at the Ardent Hope, together with Madam Whim Lyranth decided to uncover the last hidden memories of an individual known as the Anchorite. They managed to uncover only a fragment since the ritual was interrupted by Eveli. Madam Whim however managed to scry and locate the souls of Longhouse Emperors in the Brandfire Reformatory. Emperor Moricar revealed that Anchorite was the last Ambition and guided them to the Isle of Joys. The conversation was however interrupted by the arrival of Sombren and Calia. He destroyed the souls of the emperors and invited Anchorite to follow him to the place meant only for Ambitions. She agreed despite Lyranths warnings. Dremora decided to follow the Ambitions when the Vestige and Eveli were sent to explore the Isle of Joys. It turned out that Sombren betrayed the Ambitions and attempted to steal their power. Lyranth opened the portal and together with the Vestige saved the remaining two Ambitions from Sombren. The Nord Ambition however managed to escape and steal Calia’s power.[27]

Eveli dodging Dagon's attacks

The Vestige and Eveli uncovered that Longhouse Emperors hoped to use the egonymic against Mehrunes Dagon and found a relic that Emperor Moricar intended to give to his daughter. Lyranth decided to led an attack at Prince's capital, Destruction's Solace to stop Sombren. She organized a squad of allies and ventured to the capital of the Deadlands where they fought against the overwhelming forces of the loyal servants of the Mehrunes Dagon. Lyranth together with the Vestige and the Anchorite chased Sombren through the Deadlands and then through the portal to the Sundercliff in the Nirn. Opening of the portal between Sundercliff and Dagon's capital of Destruction's Solace in the Deadlands, resulted in the instant destruction of the fort and the surrounding town. Upon manifesting on Tamriel, Dagon began the process of merging his realm with Nirn using the power of the Ambitions. However, Dagon and Sombren were followed by a force of mortals and Daedra led by the Vestige, who interrupted the ritual. During the encounter, Eveli distracted Dagon, evading his attacks. Concurrently, another Ambition, Mairead, was able to steal power back from Sombren and used Dagon's egonymic to bind and weaken the Prince. With the help of the Vestige, Dagon's physical form was destroyed and he was banished to the furthest corner of the Deadlands via the use of his egonymic. Immediately after, Lyranth extracted the power of the Ambitions from Mairead and escaped.[28]

Eveli was dissapointed with Lyranth's betrayal. She attended celebrations of Dagon's defeat in Castle Leyawiin with both her mortal and otherworldly band of allies. There, she gave a relatively speech.[29] She subsequently attended the Zeal of Zenithar festival in Belkarth to enjoy herself.[30]

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