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Lore:Ephrem Benirus

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Count Ephrem Benirus
Race Imperial Gender Male
Died Anvil
Reign ca. 2E 566-
2E 577
Next Ruler Fortunata ap Dugal
Resided in Anvil

Ephrem Benirus was the Count of Anvil during the mid-Second Era.[1]

Under the rule of Emperor Leovic, he served as the Imperial Prefect of the city. After the Count of Kvatch, Varen Aquilarios, rebelled against the emperor, Benirus sent the Imperial forces stationed in Anvil to seize Varen's property and holdings. Varen's nephew, Carolus Aquilarios, repelled the attack after he rallied the single cohort of the Second Legion that Varen left in his command, as well as the Kvatch Warders.[2] After numerous failed invasions against Kvatch, Anvil's defenses were practically nonexistent. The pirate queen Fortunata ap Dugal exploited this weakness and quickly took control of the city with her crew. Count Benirus was deposed and paraded through the streets wearing a slave collar.[3] Fortunata proclaimed herself Provincial Governor and took up residence in Anvil Castle.[4] Items bearing Ephrem's image were ordered destroyed, and the docking fees he had set were more than doubled.[5][6]

In the Third Era, a large manor in Anvil bore his name. Located where the Anvil Repository once stood in the Second Era, Benirus Manor was owned and inhabited by Lorgren Benirus.[7]