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Meet the Character is a running series of articles created by ZeniMax Online Studios alongside the release of Elder Scrolls Online. The series is focused on revealing new lore regarding specific characters from upcoming DLC and Chapters. The series can be found on the official ESO website.


Imperial CityEdit

Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Drake of Blades
Lieutenant Drathyn An Ebonheart Pact report on the Drake of Blades
Meet the Character - Captain Caudex
Lieutenant Gavo Haderus An Imperial soldier recounts the heroics of Captain Anatolius Caudex
Meet the Character - Father Egnatius
Mannimarco The King of Worms airs his concerns about a well-loved priest
Meet the Character - Clivia Tharn
Magus-General Septima Tharn Septima Tharn reminisces her youth with her sister


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - King Kurog
Zephrine Frey, Royal Chronicler of Wayrest A Daggerfall Covenant report on the ruler of Orsinium
Meet the Character - Forge-Mother Alga
Tugha A letter from King Kurog's forge-wife
Meet the Character - Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Aroz'lai, the Queen's Eye in Wrothgar An Aldmeri Dominion report on a Bosmer adventurer
Meet the Character - Chief Bazrag
Zephrine Frey, Royal Chronicler of Wayrest A Daggerfall Covenant report on Chief Bazrag gro-Fharun

Thieves GuildEdit

Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Zeira
Walks-Softly Notes on the guildmaster of the Thieves Guild
Meet the Character - Chief Inspector Rhanbiq
Talsim, Master of Secrets for Her Majesty, the Queen of Taneth Information on one of the Iron Wheel's chief inspectors
Meet the Character - Quen
Tundellde A letter of suspension from an Altmeri school
Meet the Character - Silver-Claw
Silver-Claw A letter from a Khajiiti merchant

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Green-Venom-Tongue
Speaker Terenus A Dark Brotherhood Speaker's notes on a Shadowscale
Meet the Character - Astara Caerellius
Green-Venom-Tongue An assassin's observations of the Matron of his sanctuary
Meet the Character - Primate Artorius
Grand Sermonizer Fithia A flyer surrounding the background of Primate Artorius
Meet the Character - Governor Fortunata
Braccus Klinicus A thinly veiled threat to the count of Kvatch

New Life FestivalEdit

Title Author Description
Meet This Year's Officiate - Breda
Breda A New Life Herald's letter to her colleagues


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Archcanon Tarvus
Adjuvant Drumara An interview conducted with the Archcanon of the Tribunal Temple
Meet the Character - Seryn
Armiger Urnsi A Temple report on Ashlander activities at Ald'ruhn
Meet the Character - Sun-in-Shadow
Magister Therana Telvanni correspondence regarding a magically gifted slave
Meet the Character - Naryu Virian
Ashur A Morag Tong assassin's petition to his Guildmaster

Horns of the ReachEdit

Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Eerika Skjoralmor
Torik A letter penned by a loyal housecarl of Thane Eerika Skjoralmor
Meet the Character - Domihaus the Bloody-Horned
Gherig Bullblood An intercepted message from a Reachman patriarch

Clockwork CityEdit

Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Divayth Fyr
Lilatha A letter to the Ritemaster of the Psijic Order
Meet the Character - Proctor Luciana
Grimrald Brassbones The dictation of an imprisoned thief in the Clockwork City
Meet the Character - Provost Varuni Arvel
Alienist Arolosea An interview with a leader of the Clockwork City's Congress of Calibration

Dragon BonesEdit

Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Jorvuld Davaux
Professor Chamrond A letter endorsing a scholarly expedition to Scalecaller Peak
Meet the Character - Yisareh
Glirion the Redbeard An inspired speech about the first Undaunted Trailblazer


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Proxy Queen Alwinarwe
Ayrenn A letter from Queen Ayrenn to her cousin Alwinarwe
Meet the Character - Razum-dar
Justiciar Rolumdel A Justiciar's investigation into a mysterious Khajiit
Meet the Character - Alchemy of the House of Reveries
Maestro Engima A letter regarding the newest addition to a performing troupe
Meet the Character - Valsirenn of the Psijic Order
Oriandra An essay on one of the most accomplished sages of the Psijic Order


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Hanu
Mistress Dratha A Telvanni Magister's meeting with an Ashlander
Meet the Character - Commander Varian
Captain Murzazir Correspondence between captains of an order of werewolf hunters


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Famia Mercius
Talen-Nakal An Argonian storyteller attempts to describe an Imperial anthropologist
Meet the Character - Jaxsik-Orrn
Tsojei The tale of a Naga warrior battling voriplasms and undead
Meet the Character - Xukas
Leonian & Crassus Correspondence regarding an Argonian fraudster


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Tharayya
Notes on the Redguard scholar Tharayya
Meet the Character - King Narilmor
Tjurhane Fyrre Biography of a zealous Meridia worshipper


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Khamira
Penewen A Dominion report on a mysterious young Khajiit
Meet the Character - Zumog Phoom
Khamira A report on a dangerous necromancer
Meet the Character - Abnur Tharn
Arctus Cove An Imperial spymaster's report on the famed Grand Chancellor of the Elder Council
Meet the Character - Mulaamnir
Centurion Jagus Extracts from an Imperial's journal detailing his interactions with a group of dragons
Meet the Character - Sir Cadwell
Razala A letter recounting one Khajiit's encounter with the oldest Soul Shriven


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Chevalier Renald
Abnur Tharn Correspondence collected from the ruins of the Imperial City
Meet the Character - Selene
Vanus Galerion The Great Mage recounts an early guild contract in Valenwood


Title Author Description
Meet the Character(s) - Za'ji and Caska
Aeliah Renmus Entries from a personal journal concerning two Senchal pirates
Meet the Character - Sai Sahan
Abnur Tharn An entry from Abnur Tharn's journal


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Mother Ciannait
Optio Cornelia Midara A legionnaire's eyewitness account of the Icereach Coven
Meet the Character - Shelaria
Keroufeh The journal entry of a Pyrewatch Sentinel


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Lyris Titanborn
Irnskar, Prince of Windhelm A letter from a prince to an associate
Meet the Character - High King Svargrim
Pjetr the Skald, of the Bards College A biography about the Wolf of Solitude
Meet the Character - Princess Svana
Brondold A letter from an agent of the Skald-King
Meet the Character - Fennorian
Zephrine Frey, Chronicler of Wayrest A chronicler's account of one of House Ravenwatch's members


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Lady Thorn
Fennorian of House Ravenwatch Research on an elusive vampire
Meet the Character - Arkasis
Adandora, Chronicler-at-Large An excerpt discussing the real life inspiration of a character from a popular series


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Arana
Jano Vestalis, Imperial Cartographer A cartographer's account of a meeting with a Reach Witch
Meet the Character - Ard Caddach
Helvar Tarperian An Imperial agent's report of a meeting with Ard Caddach, the last of Blackdrakes
Meet the Character - Lady Belain
Lady Nilene Devieren, Royal Envoy to the Reach Royal envoy's account on meeting with Ard Caddach's chief advisor

Flames of AmbitionEdit

Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Lyranth
Rogatus Cinna, Prophet of the Dread Lady The preachings of a Dremora's mortal prophet
Meet the Character - Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Auditia Lentulus A response to an Imperial who seeks aid


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Mirri Elendis
Belderi Llenim A Fighters Guild letter of recommendation
Meet the Character - Bastian Hallix
Pungent Adder A letter on a visitor to Leyawiin
Meet the Character(s) - The Elder Council
Adandora, Chronicler-at-Large A book discussing the Elder Council following the collapse of the Empire

Waking FlameEdit

Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Lucilla Caprenia
Martus Tullius A request for deployment of an apprentice Imperial Battlemage


Title Author Description
Meet the Character - Sister Celdina
Captain Rian Liore An Ivory Brigade dispatch to the governor of Gideon
Meet the Character - Madam Whim
Astia Hexos A First Era report on an influential Fargravian Mazken
Meet the Character - The Anchorite
Nathyn Farandas A Saraathu Tong report on a mysterious mortal in Fargrave

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