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Lore:Dushnikh Yal

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Dushnikh Yal
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Reach
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
Dushnikh Yal circa 4E 201

Dushnikh Yal is an Orc stronghold nestled in the southern scarps of The Reach in Skyrim, located on the northern slopes of the Druadach Mountains across the border of Craglorn in Hammerfell.[1]


Dushnikh's Shadow longhouse in the Village of the Lost circa 2E 582

During the Second Era, the stronghold was built onto the side of a mountain and was ruled by Chieftain Ugorz. Sometime before the Planemeld, his envious son Begnar sought to be chieftain and made a deal with the Dremora Grexev. To fulfill the terms of the deal, Grexev caused a rockslide that swallowed the entire stronghold, with Begnar's hopes that his father would be one of the casualties, but to his misfortune he too had perished in the rockslide and the stronghold was dragged into Molag Bal's Village of the Lost.[2][3] It would come to be known as Dushnikh's Shadow as daedra and undead tortured the spirits of the village's inhabitants, but former chieftain Ugorz later managed to escape with the help of the Vestige in 2E 582.[4]

Following Molag Bal's defeat and the end of the Planemeld it is unknown if Dushnikh's Shadow was returned to Tamriel or if the ruins remained in the realm. Whatever the case, by 4E 201, Dushnikh Yal had become an isolated but prosperous stronghold, with one longhouse and an Orichalcum mine.[1] It was led by Chief Burguk, son of wise woman Murbul and the previous chief, who was married to hunt-wife Arob, forge-wife Gharol, and Shel. His older brother Oglub worked in the mines and his younger brother Ghorbash left to travel with the Legion for many years before returning to the stronghold, and had great respect for his leadership. His sons Nagrub and Umurn were strong warriors, uneasy with the prospect of one day fighting each other for chiefdom, while his daughter Lash left the stronghold to work in Karthwasten.[1] Lash's mother Gharol enlisted the help of the Last Dragonborn to deliver a sword for her daughter.[5]


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