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Lore:Coral Cliffs

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Coral Cliffs
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Region The Systres
Appears in ESO
Coral Cliffs circa 2E 582

Coral Cliffs is a druidic settlement located off the northern coast of the Amenos, one of the islands of the Systres Archipelago. This rocky cove is inhabited by the members of the Eldertide Circle and is considered to be one of their strongholds. The Druids of the Eldertide resided in a complex of caverns near the shore, in addition to the hovels situated above the ground.[1][2] It is located near Hadolid molting grounds.[3][4]


The Coral Cliffs
An Eldertide Druid

Little is known of the past of the Coral Cliffs. It was founded at some point after the arrival of the Druids of Galen to the Systres Archipelago around 1E 330.[5]

Although it is unknown, whether or not the settlement was already established as of then, in 1E 660,[6] the Lefthanded Elves landed on Amenos with the intent of conquering the Systres. They built their headquarters somewhere on Amenos and from there, they assaulted the other islands. The conflict lasted until the eruption of the Mount Firesong in 1E 676. Despite that, the elves stood victorious over Systres while the druids went into hiding. Their victory was short-lived however when the rest of the elves were executed by the Ra Gada in 1E 785. They lived on the Systres for a short time as they use the archipelago as a stopover for their journey east.[6][7] Even though they liberated the isles from the elves, the druids continued to hide and lived on Amenos' coast and interior.[8]

In 2E 582 the settlement of Coral Cliffs was active. It was known to be one of the enclaves of the xenophobic Eldertide Circle. Under the stewardship of the Eldertide druids, Coral Cliff's shoreline teemed with beauty and life, but outsiders rarely got to visit their territories, due to their territorial nature.[1] It had an infamous reputation due to the hostile ways of the locals, as well as the strange noises caused by their rituals.[9]

The Corrupted Coral
Underground Caverns

In the same year, due to the machinations of the Ascendant Order, leaders and representatives of the factions partaking in the Alliance War: Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion, King Emeric of the Daggerfall Covenant, and Prince Irnskar of the Ebonheart Pact were lost to the sea and washed ashore on Amenos' north coast during their voyage for a peace summit on High Isle.[10] One of Amenos' prison gangs, the Green Serpents, put up a bounty for the capture of these three nobles for the Ascendant Order. During his escape, High King Emeric winded up in the Coral Cliffs, where he defeated his assailants.[11][12][13] When Prince Irnskar was taken to their hideaway his father's legendary axe Suungir was taken by one of the criminals, and later winded up in the Coral Cliffs. It was retrieved by the agent of Lady Arabelle Davaux and returned to its rightful owner.[14][15][16] Ultimately, all the representatives managed to escape from the island.[11]

As of then a member of the Mages Guild contracted mercenaries to travel to the Coral Cliffs and steal ritual components from the druids of the Eldertide Circle. She hoped to gather material for her research of druidic magic.[2][17][18] The hired mercenary traveled to the Eldertide settlement, obtained ritual components and delivered requested items to the broker.[19]

During that time the druids of Eldertide Circle who inhabited the Coral Cliffs attacked the ship of House Mornard, which transported a group of Maormer prisoners. The crew and prisoners were harmed by the magical coral, which sprouted from the waves like a nature curse. This led to the death of many members of the crew. This was not ordinary Eldertide behavior. Usually, if they were left to their own devices, they were not attacking unprovoked.[9] Some of the Maormer prisoners,[20][21][22] and Breton sailors were taken captive by the Druids.[23] Members of the Eldertide Circle, believeing that the archipelago should belong to nature, opted to carve a balance between the natural world and mortals, ritualistically sacrificing their captives by turning them into new coral formations.[22][24] They were also corrupting local sea creatures such as sea urchins, sea stars, fish, and crabs. Those creatures and coral clusters carried the corruption and were recognizable by their stench of blood and carried traces of druid magic. Druids used the lifeforce of the captives to accelerate the growth of their reefs.[25][22] Survivors of the attack that managed to escape the captivity, requested traveling adventurer to free the captives of the Druids and destroy their corrupted coral. The adventurer managed to rescue the Breton and Maormer prisoners and destroyed the corrupted coral, as per their request.[9][22][26] They eventually managed to leave the island, as they headed to the Brokerock Mine, which was located nearby, and later to the Amenos Station.[9]

The Systres became a part of Hammerfell's territory by 2E 864.[27] At some point before the Fifth Century of the Third Era the Druids once again had a presence on the mainland Tamriel.[28][UOL 1] It is unknown how those events affected the Druids of the Systres and the settlement of Coral Cliffs.

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