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Lore:Cavor Merula

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Cavor Merula
ON-statue-Cavor Merula.jpg
Cavor Merula
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Previous Ruler Ennon Decan
Next Ruler Jonas Coventine
Resided in Kvatch

Cavor Merula was a warrior-priest of Akatosh. After the collapse of the Second Empire, he re-established the Order of the Hour in 2E 432, as a means to protect the Cathedral of Akatosh in Kvatch and the priesthood.[nb 1] Cavor gathered a few devoted and trusted fellow priests and dedicated himself and his brothers to the defense of the Cathedral.[1][2]

One of his first tasks was to dedicate the site that had become known as Knightsgrave to the memory of the Order's founding members. Blessings and rituals were performed, giving substance to the Exalted Dead that lingered in the place's shadowy interior. Not wanting to disturb those resting herein, Cavor instead set out to build the Enclave of the Hourglass as the Order's new home on the Gold Coast.[3]

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  • ^  Some sources mention that Cavor Merula re-established the Order of the Hour in response the coming of the Longhouse Emperors in 2E 432, but this would not have been possible as the Longhouse dynasty of emperors came into power around 100 years later, circa sixth century of the Second Era.


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