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Lore:Bal Fell

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Bal Fell
Type Ruins
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Azura's Coast
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
The ruins at Bal Fell circa 3E 427
The ruins at Bal Fell circa 2E 582
Temple in Bal Fell

Bal Fell (either from Aldmeris or a Dark Elvish-Dwemeris compound meaning "City of Stone"[1]) was an ancient First Era ruin located on an island east of Vivec City, in the southeastern islands and promontories of the Azura's Coast region of Vvardenfell.[2]


During the Middle Merethic Era, early Aldmeri explorers constructed a wizard tower at Bal Fell while mapping the coasts of Vvardenfell after fleeing Aldmeris. This tower survived into the First Era, when it was inhabited by Altmer.[3] It was said to have been built on an ancient center of Daedra worship,[2] and in the First Era a great shrine to Sheogorath was built there by the Chimer.[1] Eventually Bal Fell grew to become a city of the Dunmer, known for its dry, crowded streets. It existed at least into the early Second Era, after the founding of the Mages Guild. The great sorceress Seryne Relas once lived in Bal Fell.[4]

In time, Bal Fell was abandoned, and the only thing left standing were the Daedric ruins. Daedra often plagued the ruins, and the Ordinators were charged with keeping away Daedra worshippers.[5] Sometime before 2E 582, a Nord priest of Sheogorath named Mad Griskild set up his workshop in the ruins and began experimenting with alchemy and Daedric magic to create magically enhanced spiders. An expedition to the ruins led by a famous Breton archaeologist, Lady Clarisse Laurent, fell victim to Griskild's mind-controlling spiders, but the expedition members were saved by the Vestige, who killed the Nord. Lady Laurent later sent Griskild's research to a scribe living near White Ridge Barrow on Solstheim,[6] which ultimately led to the creation of unique magical spiders that would be rediscovered in the barrow in the Fourth Era.[7]

By the late Third Era, the ruins had obtained a nasty reputation, and wizards from Great House Telvanni set up competing camps of hirelings and adventurers to explore and loot the ruins.[1][2] In 3E 427, House Telvanni and the Mages Guild sent expeditions to clear out the Daedra. They were aided by the Nerevarine, who looted the Ten Pace Boots from the ruins.[8]

The ruins were likely destroyed in 4E 5, when Baar Dau crashed into Vivec City. This impact devastated the surrounding area, creating Scathing Bay, a large crater filled with boiling water from the Inner Sea.[9]

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