Lore:Arena District

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Arena District
Type Imperial City District
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Settlement Imperial City
Appears in Oblivion, ESO, Legends, Blades
The Imperial Arena circa 4E 175
"The best techniques are passed on by the survivors." —Motto of the Imperial Arena

The Arena District is a district of the Imperial City and home to the Imperial Arena, also known as the Bloody Jewel of the Imperial City. It is located in the northeast of the Imperial City, the district contains little of note other than the Imperial Arena which serves as a proving ground for warriors and as a popular attraction and gambling opportunity for citizens and tourists alike. Some citizens believe that the fighting is faked, saying the blood is "berry syrup" and the fighting is merely "ham-acting". Others think the Elder Council runs the Arena to amuse the masses.[1]

The sewers that run beneath the district are known for being gory, such as the section of the sewers known as Beneath the Bloodworks which have previously served as a vampire lair.[2] The Harena Hypogeum section was held by the Ebonheart Pact during the Three Banners War.[3]

Two statues are present in the district, the statue of Queen Alessia in the south part of the district and the statue of Morihaus in the north. Queen Alessia was the first ruler of Cyrodiil Empire and the founder of the Nine Divines; while Morihaus is depicted as a pit fighter who led Alessia's armies in the taking of White-Gold Tower to end the Ayleid Hegemonies.


Inside the Arena

The Imperial Arena was founded by Gaiden Shinji between 1E 946 and 1E 947 under the Alessian Empire.[4][5]

Second EraEdit

In 2E 582, Molag Bal's forces had taken over the Imperial City and used the Arena for entertainment by forcing captured Imperial citizens to fight against Daedric creatures such as Clannfear and Ogrim. The Vestige participated in the Arena against such creatures and against the Xivkyn, Dredaza the Ringmaster, who acted as the Arena's announcer. When Dredaza was defeated, a Reachman known as 'The Rat', who was a former advisor to Emperor Leovic, gave the Vestige information regarding the Dragonfires and how Molag Bal intended to snuff them out forever.[6]

During this period, members of all three alliances helped an Imperial Legionnaire, named Valga Atrius, in rescuing Imperial citizens from the Arena District that were enslaved by the Daedra there.[7]

Third EraEdit

In 3E 433, Owyn was the blademaster of the Imperial Arena, and Agronak gro-Malog, widely known as the "Gray Prince" was the Grand Champion of the Arena. Sometime during this period the Champion of Cyrodill participated in the Arena and eventually reached the title of Champion, the Champion of Cyrodiil found evidence that Agronak was half-vampire which made Agronak lose his will to fight, allowing the Champion to kill him in the Arena with no resistance from him. This victory made the Champion of Cyrodiil the new Grand Champion of the Arena.[8]