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Lore:An Orc's Guide to Tamriel

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An Orc's Guide to Tamriel
A guidebook for Orcish travelers to Tamriel

When passing through the holds and camps of men and mer, it is important to remember their sense of justice is not as immediate as the Code of Mauloch demands. A thief in Daggerfall, for example, might expect to be imprisoned for a number of days. By comparison, a murderer might sit for years in a dank cell awaiting some petty lord to decide his guilt.

Be therefore careful in exacting your wrath upon those who wrong you. Though swift justice is to be lauded among civilized people, it is often misinterpreted as brawling—or worse, grievous assault—where local custom is used to a less efficient response.

Similarly, the rules of such far off lands do not appreciate—or even allow—challenges from below. Where single combat is a commonly accepted remedy for poor leadership among our own people, less civilized societies have yet to discover its practical efficiency, and will frequently allow others to demonstrate their strength for them.

Take care, then, in voicing your opinion among such folk, for it may be swiftly and violently struck down. Instead, find others who share your beliefs and let your numbers carry you to victory.

Finally, the arts of fine craftsmanship are often stunted in far-off lands. Though the Elven peoples of Summerset and Vvardenfell have some grasp of refined forging, the men of Cyrodiil and the far north do not. In some of the more benighted areas, they even view unalloyed iron as an acceptable metal for working arms and armor.

Be not afraid to best their backward practices. Your efforts will bring respect and admiration upon our people, and your name will spread far and wide.