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Queen Afsar
ON-npc-Queen Afsar.jpg
Queen Afsar
Race Redguard Gender Female
Born 1st Era
Next Ruler Ja-Fr
Resided in Hammerfell
Appears in ESO

Queen Afsar was a powerful Redguard monarch who ruled Alik'r in the Late First Era. She was remembered as one of the people who changed the course of Redguard history.[1]


Tu'whacca's Throne

Little is known about Afsar's life. During the late First Era, Hammerfell faced a succession crisis following the death of its ruling king without a clear heir, leading to nobles vying for the throne. Afsar asserted her authority through traditional means, by eliminating her rivals. Despite the violent beginnings, her reign was notably peaceful.[1][2][3]

Following her demise, she was laid to rest in Tu'whacca's Throne in Alik'r. According to Ash'abah scholars, alongside Armiger Rhina and Yokeda Razul, she was among the most powerful and dangerous mummies buried there. During the Withered Hand crisis in Alik'r in 2E 582, she was one of the many risen dead, but she was eventually returned to rest thanks to the efforts of the Ash'abah and an adventurer who aided them at their task.[1][2][3]

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