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Lore:Abah's Landing Merchant Lords, V. 4

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Prepared by Tamonir, Master of Secrets for the Queen of Taneth
A report covering the history of the trading houses at Abah's Landing

When the merchant houses of Abah's Landing were first established, one stood out from the rest. Significant not only for its unusual leader, but for the type of business she decided to trade in. The Khajiit who called herself Thazahrr-ra formed the Thazahrr Cartel to handle the despicable but necessary slave trade moving through the port city. The powerful Thazahrr-ra, one of only a few women in Khajiit history to take the male honorific "ra" as her own, formed a cartel that included Imperials, Bretons, Redguards, and a few Khajiit.
How could a Khajiit run a slavery cartel? Quite handily, it turns out. The legend of Thazahrr-ra grew as fast as the fortunes of the Cartel, describing a woman who would sell her own children if the profit was high enough. In addition to processing Argonian and Khajiit slaves on their way to distant lands, the Cartel expanded into the areas of smuggling and buying and selling information. Make no mistake: Being [sic] willing to sell your own people makes the Cartel extremely dangerous, as many of their competitors discovered over the years.
Today, Thazahrr Goldfang, the sixth Khajiit woman to take the name and title of merchant lord of the Thazahrr Cartel, oversees the house's businesses. She appears restless and unhappy with the state of the houses in Abah's Landing, and with the state of her business in general. Whatever occurred to hinder all of the merchant houses seems to have hit the Cartel harder than most. She longs to return her organization to the position of power and prestige it enjoyed in the days before the activities of the "hidden house" so that she can claim the same honorific as her esteemed ancestor.
Thazahrr Goldfang bubbles over with anger and ambition. She feels that Abah's Landing owes her a level of wealth and respect that, frankly, it has no intention of awarding her with. For this reason, she remains frustrated, anxious, and more than a little dangerous. My recommendation? Do not approach the Khajiit slave trader. Not even with a ten-foot pole.
(NOTE: These dispatches were "recovered" from a Taneth vessel and delivered to an interested party in Abah's Landing. I have published them so we may all know what our cousins across the bay think of us. —Anonymous)