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Lore:Abah's Landing Merchant Lords, V. 3

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Prepared by Tamonir, Master of Secrets for the Queen of Taneth
A report covering the history of the trading houses at Abah's Landing

It was inevitable. A den of vice and corruption such as Abah's Landing requires a master to feed its needs. Or, in this case, a mistress. Enter Lady Felice Vien, who arrived in Abah's Landing from Wayrest with her dignity, a cask full of gold, and the intention to make a place for herself amid the debauchery and depravity of the port city. Very little information concerning the circumstances of her arrival still exists, but I was able to determine it had something to do with her late husband, a prominent noble in Wayrest, and her alleged role in his death.
Whatever the situation that sent her to Abah's Landing, Lady Felice wasted no time purchasing property and establishing the Winsome Welwa, a tavern and inn that soon became the talk of the port. What started as a humble eatery and fest hall began offering other entertainments, entertainments of the less than legal kind. Lady Felice saw that the people moving through Abah's Landing had particular vices, and she knew that there was gold to be made if she could satisfy their needs.
Today, House Vien handles the more intimate and discreet demands of Abah's Landing, including illicit substances, prostitution, and other vices. The Winsome Welwa, modeled after the infamous Chaste Harpy in Highrock, serves as a brothel and the base of operations for the current head of the house, Lady Ylanie Montaine. Despite the calamity that befell all of the merchant houses, she continues to make a modest profit administering to the illicit needs of pirates, merchant crews, and visiting nobles looking for a bit of adventure. All of the house's trade is focused on Abah's Landing, all under the Lady's discerning eye. She presents a proper, genteel countenance when she strolls the city streets and meets with clients and vacationing dignitaries, but she has a violent, even murderous, temper—though few who have the misfortune to see that side of her live to tell the tale.
Secrets are as much Lady Ylanie's stock and trade as are sex and drugs. She might prove to be a powerful ally in your ambitions, provided you never turn your back on her or partake in any of her tempting pleasures.
(NOTE: These dispatches were "recovered" from a Taneth vessel and delivered to an interested party in Abah's Landing. I have published them so we may all know what our cousins across the bay think of us. —Anonymous)