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Hear a vengeful father's tale.
Episode: Enter the Shadows
Story Characters: Kellen, Nagh, Uther Nere
Next Quest: Cloudy Dregs Inn or Murder Scene
Reward: None

Uther's Story serves as an introduction to the story of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, and begins with Kellen telling a story to Nagh:

Nagh: "It is a dark night, Kellen. This one would have another story to fall asleep to."
Nagh: "What became of your "Forgotten Hero?""
Kellen: "I have only a dark tale for a night such as this. One with no heroes at all."
Kellen: "It began when a mysterious merchant named Uther Nere sought to make the one you speak of his agent."
Uther: "Come in, traveler. I'm so glad you got my invitation."
Uther: "I've been watching you for some time, and I think you're just the person I need."
Uther: "I warn you, this task will be bloody, but the cause is just. It concerns an infamous band of assassins known as the Dark Brotherhood."
Uther: "The brotherhood is a foul death cult worshiping a living corpse known as the Night Mother."
Uther: "Some years ago my daughter, the poor misguided girl, murdered her own mother in order to gain their favor."
Uther: "She claimed to be recruited by the Night Mother's Listener herself."
Uther: "Later, I learned that my daughter too had died pursuing this violent life."
Uther: "For years I have sought this Listener, but she is elusive."
Uther: "I want you to infiltrate the Brotherhood, find her, and lead me to her."
Uther: "Together, we will ensure that no other family suffers the same fate as mine!"

You are brought to a map of Wayrest, and Uther tells you his plan:

Uther: "I know one sure way to get the Brotherhood's attention. Find someone they were planning to assassinate, and kill them first. I would check the inn to see if anyone's seen anything suspicious. I also know a man was murdered yesterday; try examining his body."

You can then choose whether to investigate the Cloudy Dregs Inn or Murder Scene.

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Murder Scene