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Legends:The Betrayal (Isle of Madness)

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Porcia Loran driven to insanity, and a grim discovery.
Episode: The Betrayal
Story Characters: Talym Rend
Previous Quest: Bthardamz Secret Passage
Next Quest: The Descent
Reward: None

The Betrayal The BetrayalEdit

The Betrayal is a cutscene in Isle of Madness, which plays immediately after the mission Bthardamz Secret Passage.


Talym: "The explosion and the gas conspired to kill most of the Reachmen, along with the Imperials. Technically, her mission was a success."
Talym: "But witnessing such a massacre, with the murder of the priests weighing so heavily on her soul, was too much for Porcia to bear."
Talym: "I hear she did not speak after that day, afraid to utter another command, or to share another secret, that might hurt someone."
Talym: "She was, in other words, a better person than I. After all, I was the true architect of the atrocity."
Talym: "I hadn't been sure the flowers would react violently with the poison... but had known they would not cure it."
Talym: "Yet as I journeyed home, my guilt was a whisper, next to the expectant joy of seeing my son whole again."
Talym: "Imagine then my horror, when I found my house empty. I ran to a neighbor, desperate for anyone who could tell me about my son."
Talym: "My boy, Novos. Where is he? Did he run off? Did someone take him!?"
Neighbor: "Talym, what are you saying? Novos is dead. He's been dead for more than a year. Don't you remember?"
Neighbor: "We buried him... together."


Porcia and her phalanx were originally called Bretons. With patch 2.8, their audio and dialogue were updated to call them Imperials.

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