Isle of Madness

Legends:Syl, Duchess of Dementia

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Syl, Duchess of Dementia
Creature (Wood Elf)
LG-card-Syl, Duchess of Dementia.png
Availability Isle of Madness
Magicka Cost 6
Attribute Strength
Power 7 Health 6
Rarity Legendary Legendary
Summon: This lane becomes Dementia.

Syl, Duchess of Dementia is a unique legendary Strength creature card. It is part of the Isle of Madness story set.


When summoned:

"None of them can be trusted! Do you hear me?"

When attacking:

"They'll never take me down! Never!"


  • Dementia is a special lane that remain even after the Syl leaves play.
  • Dementia is in addition to the Shadow Lane, but replaces any other special lane rules.
  • Lady Syl previously appeared in the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion. She is depicted in this card in her battle outfit, wearing Dark Seducer armor and weilding the hammer Nerveshatter.