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Legends:Alik'r Survivalist

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Alik'r Survivalist
Creature (Redguard)
LG-card-Alik'r Survivalist.png
Availability Core Set
Magicka Cost 4
Attribute Strength
Power 3 Health 4
Rarity Epic Epic
Summon: Put a Steel Dagger into your hand.
When Alik'r Survivalist equips an item, he gains +1/+1.

Alik'r Survivalist is an epic Strength creature card. It is part of the Core Set.


In addition to the card's availability in the Core Set, one copy is included in the Warriors of Hammerfell deck.


When summoned:

"Give me a blade and a soft throat!"
"Blood upon the sands!"
"Swift as the desert wind."

When attacking:

"Your fate is sealed."
"Only one of us shall survive."
"By Diagna's breath!"


  • This card was previously part of the training mechanic where it could be upgraded from Alik'r Bandit at level 19.
  • This card's equip ability applies the Will to Survive card effect.
  • The card is named for the Hammerfell region of the Alik'r.
  • This card previously had a voice line for equipping items:
    "Ruptga guide us!"