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Side Quests Knotwork

Side quests are standard-length quests that are not part of a quest line and are not Daedric quests. Each side quest is listed separately in your quest journal. They are not subcategorized like miscellaneous quests. Also unlike miscellaneous quests, side quests are logged in your journal after completion. Side quests can be identified by the side quests knotwork (pictured at left) displayed next to the quest title in your journal and on each quest's page on this wiki.

Completing each of these quests generally increases by one the "Side Quests Completed" statistic in the General Stats section of the main in-game menu, and also counts towards the Sideways achievement. See this article's achievements section, below, for details.

The side quests are listed below based on the location where they are normally started.


Raven RockEdit

Towns and SettlementsEdit

Skaal VillageEdit

Tel MithrynEdit



One achievement is related to side quests:

  • SR-achievement-Sideways.png Sideways (20 points/Bronze) — Complete 10 side quests