Dragonborn:Mount Moesring

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Mount Moesring
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Respawn Time 10 days
North of Frostmoon Crag
South of Moesring Pass
Mount Moesring, seen from the south

Mount Moesring is one of the highest points in Solstheim, south of Moesring Pass. The marker for this peak does not appear on the compass until you have climbed and are on the final slope almost to the top. From the top, you can see most of the Solstheim even at night. To the immediate north is Moesring Pass with White Ridge Barrow beyond and both Mortrag Peak and Frykte Peak etched against the sky in the distance. To the west you can see Fahlbtharz, while to the southwest is Hvitkald Peak with the Bulwark protecting Raven Rock clearly visible to the left of the peak. Far to the south is the Wreck of the Strident Squall, with the circular path leading up to Brodir Grove carved into the landscape. Looking south-southeast is Highpoint Tower and further to the southeast is the settlement of Tel Mithryn with the Red Mountain belching ash and rock into the sky visible beyond. To the east is the massive stonework surrounding the Tree Stone at the Temple of Miraak. The view between Moesring Pass to the north and the Temple of Miraak to the east is blocked by another mountain range.

Using Summon ArvakDG and riding him can make climbing the mountain easier. With enough persistence it is reachable on foot, but requires some creative jumping. On foot it is best to start your climb just north of the shrine of Zenithar. Once you reach a lower peak it's advisable to save as falls from this height can kill you. Leap across the gap from the lower peak, keeping as much height as possible and then continue climbing while circling clock-wise around the peak to reach the top where you can stand without slipping. See this article for tips on mountain climbing.


  • Using Summon ArvakDG and riding him can make climbing the mountain easier.
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