Dragonborn:Coldcinder Cave

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Coldcinder Cave
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 20
Ash Spawn, Netch, Skeever
Console Location Code(s)
Just south of Raven Rock
Special Features
# of Heart Stone Deposits 3
Coldcinder Cave

Coldcinder Cave is a cave with two entrances via a grate in the Bulwark Jail and a trapdoor atop the cliff just southeast of Raven Rock, near the top of the Bulwark.

It allows for a cheap and easy exit from the jail. Unlock the grate in the jail cell, drop down, follow the passage to the next drop, and then enter the cave.

The exterior trap door entrance does not have a map marker but can be found by climbing to the highest columnar basalt rock formation south of the Bulwark and north of Kolbjorn Barrow. Walk around the formation and look down from the south edge, below is the trap door.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.

Coldcinder Cave[edit]

The small Nordic entryway into the cave from the Raven Rock Jail
Trapdoor compared to southern entrance into Raven Rock

When dropping into the tunnel beneath the Bulwark Jail, the path leads to the north. At the far end is a grate above you with the prisoner's belongings chest in easy reach. On the ground is second grate, this one unlocked with a drop into a narrow tunnel continuing north before twisting and turning a few times before emerging in corridor in the remnants of an ancient Nordic structure, with a cave-in to the west and an iron door to the east leading to Coldcinder Cave.

There are several skeletons and a couple of burial urns scattered throughout the cave, with many glowing mushrooms, Nordic barnacle clusters, scathecraw plants, and trama roots found inside.

Beyond the door is a flight of stairs leading down to the east. On the left is a broken ceiling spike near the bottom of the stairs, while at the end of the room there are more stairs descending to a partially flooded tunnel with the walls being made of fractured rock. As you continue along be aware there is a skeever in the tunnel. The tunnel gradually bears to the south before opening up into a large cavern with a small central island and water running down the walls in waterfalls. There are also a family of Netches here, however they can be easily dealt with at range with either magic or a bow from inside the tunnel where they can't get to you. Once dealt with there are several pearl oysters found around the central island and walls. The tunnel continues to the south before turning to the southwest and climbing an earthen ramp. From the top of the ramp there are a series of bridges linking several raised platforms crossing another partially flooded cavern to some dry land to the east-southeast, where there is a ladder that exits the cave via the second entrance above The Bulwark.

Coldcinder Cave interior

From the dry land it is possible to explore the partially flooded area of this second cavern, there are a few more pearl oysters in this area and a tunnel heading southwest, that eventually opens out into a third cavern, which rises to the southwest, following the north wall to the end leads to a series of flights of stairs that climbs the bank. At the top is a plateau with a leveled ash spawn that will rise from the ground on the left and rubble and debris scattered all around. There are a couple of minor items including two bowls of bone meal and a honed draugr war axe in this area. Near the entrance to the third cavern nearly buried in ash is a set of shelves holding a random empty soul gem. Ahead to the southwest there are more stairs leading up to another area at the rear of the cavern. At the top is an unlocked chest with a heart stone deposit on either side, against the rear wall. In front of these, two more leveled ash spawn rise from the ground.

From the chest head north to the far wall to a third heart stone deposit, from this, along the wall to the right is an urn on a ledge above that can be reached to loot it. From the original chest facing east-northeast there is a second chest on a raised platform around a stone pillar it can be reached either from the edge at the top of the highest level using the Whirlwind Sprint dragon shout or by clever jumping/climbing. The chest is novice-locked and has an apothecary's satchel beside it. From the platform around the other pillar using Whirlwind Sprint dragon shout, between the to squared-off pieces of stone to the north it is possible to reach a ledge previously mentioned as having an urn that can be looted from below. Behind the urn, at the very back of the ledge is a skeleton with an ancient Nord helmet, a honed ancient Nord sword of cold and a silver and moonstone circlet.