Daggerfall Mod:Text Variable Hashes

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The following table lists the hash values for the known predefined text variables. These text variables appear throughout Daggerfall's Text Records.

These hashes are computed as simple Luhn-Mod checksums, where for each character, the byte-value of the character is shifted and added to the current checksum. In 'C' this would be:

// Code written by Glen Wright

void hash(char *ptr) {
    long int val = 0;
        val = (val<<1) + *ptr++;
    return (val);

Please note that while this works for most message types occasionally the message type value is related to something else. This usually occurs when the object has a TextRecordId related to it but not much other than this is known at the current time.

Variable Name Hashes
Variable Hash Variable Name
0x000000F3 a1
0x000000F4 a2
0x000000F5 a3
0x000000F6 a4
0x000000F7 a5
0x000000F8 a6
0x0000012A db
0x00000141 mg
0x0000014B no
0x0000014F tg
0x000002CA eel
0x000002CF ice
0x000002D3 gem
0x000002DD bow
0x000002E4 man
0x000002E6 map
0x000002E8 len
0x000002EE inn
0x000002EE imp
0x000002EE off
0x000002EF key
0x000002F4 mob
0x000002FB npc
0x000002FE rat
0x00000303 orc
0x00000321 yes
0x00000325 spy
0x000005D7 gem1
0x000005D8 bear
0x000005D8 gem2
0x000005D9 gem3
0x000005DA gem4
0x000005DB bank
0x000005DC bard
0x000005EF bats
0x00000609 ally
0x00000615 book
0x00000617 mace
0x00000619 gems
0x0000061D fire
0x0000061F mage
0x00000625 boss
0x00000625 lady
0x00000627 npc1
0x00000628 npc2
0x00000629 npc3
0x0000062A duel
0x0000062A foil
0x00000630 gold
0x00000632 lich
0x00000637 orc1
0x00000638 orc2
0x00000639 orc3
0x0000063A orc4
0x0000063B home
0x0000063D necs
0x0000064F item
0x0000064F sage
0x0000065C iron
0x00000660 pawn
0x00000664 lord
0x0000066B monk
0x0000066D love
0x0000066F rats
0x00000673 yes1
0x00000674 yes2
0x00000675 yes3
0x00000676 yes4
0x00000677 ring
0x00000677 nono
0x00000677 yes5
0x00000678 yes6
0x00000679 orcs
0x00000679 note
0x0000067D rock
0x0000067E vamp
0x00000683 time
0x00000686 shop
0x00000691 thug
0x0000069C star
0x000006B2 wolf
0x00000957 2dung
0x00000C2C agent
0x00000C48 darkb
0x00000C4B decoy
0x00000C50 child
0x00000C53 delay
0x00000C6F mage1
0x00000C70 mage2
0x00000C71 arena
0x00000C71 mage3
0x00000C72 mage4
0x00000C7C elder
0x00000C7D bribe
0x00000C8C giant
0x00000C91 gold1
0x00000C92 gold2
0x00000CA2 flesh
0x00000CA6 heist
0x00000CA7 enemy
0x00000CA9 harpy
0x00000CA9 magic
0x00000CAB gimme
0x00000CAF lamia
0x00000CB1 mages
0x00000CC0 maker
0x00000CC6 ghost
0x00000CCC giver
0x00000CCF item1
0x00000CD0 item2
0x00000CD1 item3
0x00000CE4 guard
0x00000CE5 drugs
0x00000CEF dummy
0x00000CF2 local
0x00000CF6 metal
0x00000CF8 crypt
0x00000CFC pearl
0x00000D06 frost
0x00000D06 rebel
0x00000D0F place
0x00000D17 house
0x00000D1D noble
0x00000D1F mitem
0x00000D2D vamp1
0x00000D2E vamp2
0x00000D2F vamp3
0x00000D37 patsy
0x00000D37 time1
0x00000D38 time2
0x00000D39 time3
0x00000D3E nomap
0x00000D43 money
0x00000D4C lover
0x00000D54 thief
0x00000D60 tiger
0x00000D6C other
0x00000D6F vamps
0x00000D78 timer
0x00000D7F mummy
0x00000D83 rogue
0x00000D84 queen
0x00000D8F posse
0x00000D93 qtime
0x00000D9C token
0x00000D9D widow
0x00000DA4 nymph
0x00000DB4 ruler
0x00000DB6 total
0x00000DB6 witch
0x00000DD5 store
0x0000126C 2agent
0x00001864 badpcn
0x0000188D daedra
0x000018A8 banker
0x000018D0 dbgold
0x000018F4 gaffer
0x000018FA damsel
0x00001915 castle
0x00001934 archer
0x00001944 healer
0x00001945 cleric
0x0000194C father
0x00001986 amulet
0x00001998 finger
0x000019B1 escape
0x000019C1 given1
0x000019D2 dreugh
0x000019DA hermit
0x000019F9 guard1
0x000019FA guard2
0x000019FB guard3
0x000019FC guard4
0x00001A04 cousin
0x00001A1F palace
0x00001A3B guards
0x00001A40 mggold
0x00001A50 hooker
0x00001A54 master
0x00001A5F house1
0x00001A60 house2
0x00001A61 house3
0x00001A68 knight
0x00001A70 lesser
0x00001A7C letter
0x00001A84 scarab
0x00001A98 ranger
0x00001AB3 oneday
0x00001ACC hunter
0x00001ACC shaman
0x00001AD6 school
0x00001AE8 mondun
0x00001AE8 qgiven
0x00001AEC qgiver
0x00001AF8 shield
0x00001AFA target
0x00001B14 reward
0x00001B26 tavern
0x00001B35 temple
0x00001B44 weapon
0x00001B4B prince
0x00001B4C murder
0x00001B50 poison
0x00001B56 priest
0x00001B74 spider
0x00001B77 victim
0x00001B80 potion
0x00001B86 snitch
0x00001B94 sister
0x00001BB3 questg
0x00001BEE yesmap
0x00001BF7 spouse
0x00001BFC wraith
0x00001C0C wizard
0x00001C57 zombie
0x00002520 2dagger
0x0000269F 2palace
0x000026FC 2letter
0x00002757 2ransom
0x0000314B daedra1
0x0000314C daedra2
0x0000314D daedra3
0x0000314E daedra4
0x0000318D daedras
0x000031F6 acrobat
0x00003205 agentuk
0x00003221 acolyte
0x00003238 dbguild
0x00003254 casfort
0x00003276 chemist
0x000032AD failure
0x000032C0 centaur
0x00003300 breaker
0x00003346 coastal
0x0000335C fighter
0x000033A2 hideout
0x000033AD clothes
0x000033DE contact
0x00003407 bowdung
0x00003429 friend1
0x0000342A friend2
0x0000342B friend3
0x0000342C brother
0x0000342C friend4
0x0000344E duelist
0x0000345C burglar
0x0000345F package
0x00003493 flowers
0x00003497 mapdung
0x00003498 dungeon
0x000034B8 paladin
0x000034C5 jewelry
0x000034C8 mansion
0x000034D3 marknpc
0x000034EF foundme
0x00003500 killmon
0x00003529 letter1
0x0000352A letter2
0x00003536 readmap
0x0000353C mfriend
0x0000355F message
0x00003573 keytime
0x00003594 mmaster
0x00003599 grizzly
0x000035A4 teacher
0x000035C7 newdung
0x000035C7 qgenemy
0x000035DA mondead
0x000035F4 huntend
0x000035FC scholar
0x00003610 seducer
0x00003628 onehour
0x0000362F relitem
0x0000362F replace
0x00003637 mondung
0x00003659 reward1
0x0000365A reward2
0x0000365B reward3
0x00003670 lovgold
0x00003679 peryite
0x00003693 revenge
0x000036A4 monster
0x000036C0 sneaker
0x000036DD vampire
0x000036FB weapons
0x0000375B spiders
0x00003760 soldier
0x00003777 myndung
0x00003784 warrior
0x0000378E prophet
0x00003795 success
0x00003798 ukcrypt
0x000037B8 traitor
0x000037E4 queston
0x0000383C upfront
0x0000387D witness
0x00005077 2myndung
0x000063BC daedroth
0x000064E0 champion
0x00006523 fakename
0x0000659C daughter
0x000065A4 castfort
0x0000672A gianteel
0x000067C7 clothing
0x000067ED contact1
0x000067EE contact2
0x000067FE artifact
0x00006817 conhouse
0x00006854 assassin
0x0000688E dirtypit
0x000068D2 atronach
0x00006936 firsthit
0x00006944 goldgoth
0x00006961 dungeon1
0x00006962 dungeon2
0x00006963 dungeon3
0x00006977 hintdung
0x000069A4 hitguard
0x000069F4 guardian
0x00006A05 evilfocs
0x00006A19 keptgems
0x00006A2F evilitem
0x00006A30 informer
0x00006A44 merchant
0x00006A7B dummyorc
0x00006AB0 oblivion
0x00006AC7 painting
0x00006B00 lessgold
0x00006B19 readnote
0x00006B27 itemdung
0x00006B5E placemap
0x00006BCC nobleman
0x00006C2F newplace
0x00006C3C qgfriend
0x00006CA0 mondung2
0x00006CCC talisman
0x00006CF6 huntstop
0x00006D79 monster1
0x00006D7A monster2
0x00006D7B monster3
0x00006D7C monster4
0x00006D8F thankyou
0x00006DA7 ringdung
0x00006DB0 scorpion
0x00006DE4 skeleton
0x00006DE7 nononono
0x00006E13 vampname
0x00006E2D vampires
0x00006E2F vampitem
0x00006E38 mtraitor
0x00006E69 weaponss
0x00006E71 timeforq
0x00006F24 qmonster
0x00006F50 wereboar
0x00006F5B orsinium
0x00006F60 villager
0x00006FE5 treasure
0x00006FF0 sorceror
0x00006FF4 smuggler
0x00006FF9 queston1
0x00006FFA queston2
0x00007002 werewolf
0x00007054 spriggan
0x00007085 yesclick
0x00007157 withouse
0x000071DC woodsman
0x000099FE 2artifact
0x00009CBC 2ndparton
0x0000A23C 1stparton
0x0000C7B4 barbarian
0x0000C976 alchemist
0x0000C993 challenge
0x0000CAEF fakeplace
0x0000CD1E betrothed
0x0000CE84 bodyguard
0x0000D02D artifact1
0x0000D02E artifact2
0x0000D02F artifact3
0x0000D030 artifact4
0x0000D075 bookstore
0x0000D0A4 competior
0x0000D0D8 mageguild
0x0000D0DF magicitem
0x0000D2CC kidnapper
0x0000D33C givetoken
0x0000D4BC informant
0x0000D4F6 keptmetal
0x0000D50F dummymage
0x0000D51F pchasitem
0x0000D588 guildhall
0x0000D6B7 safehouse
0x0000D6EF itemplace
0x0000D738 messenger
0x0000D742 qgclicked
0x0000D7BF realmummy
0x0000D80C patsagent
0x0000D8D3 extratime
0x0000D95F religitem
0x0000D9DA lordsmail
0x0000D9F0 lovechild
0x0000DA2C huntstart
0x0000DAB7 lovehouse
0x0000DBD3 scorpions
0x0000DCD7 vamphouse
0x0000DCED vamprelic
0x0000DD2E vamprival
0x0000DD50 vampproof
0x0000DF69 villainss
0x0000DFD7 prophouse
0x0000E07D questdone
0x0000E0E3 questtime
0x0000E1E3 totaltime
0x0000E383 towertime
0x0000E417 townhouse
0x0000E627 wrongdung
0x00018F34 daedralord
0x0001928F agentplace
0x000195EF battlemage
0x00019717 childhouse
0x00019765 clearclick
0x00019AF7 fatherdung
0x00019C69 depository
0x00019F47 dragonling
0x00019FC9 apothecary
0x00019FCD firedaedra
0x00019FD4 dispatcher
0x0001A193 escapetime
0x0001A1C8 competitor
0x0001A20B gimmegimme
0x0001A30C magicsword
0x0001A318 magesguild
0x0001A415 aurielsbow
0x0001A4B8 gettraitor
0x0001A654 givereward
0x0001A90C ingredient
0x0001A910 hitseducer
0x0001AA28 dummydarkb
0x0001AA4F founditem1
0x0001AA50 founditem2
0x0001AA6F pchasitem1
0x0001AA70 pchasitem2
0x0001AA71 pchasitem3
0x0001AAB8 hittraitor
0x0001ABA0 pcgetsgold
0x0001ABC0 guildmaker
0x0001ACFC readletter
0x0001AD31 nightblade
0x0001ADD7 rebelhouse
0x0001ADF7 itemindung
0x0001B042 npcclicked
0x0001B0B7 noblehouse
0x0001B12F pickupitem
0x0001B29A shamandead
0x0001B4FB qgiverhome
0x0001B674 sheogorath
0x0001B78F thiefplace
0x0001B797 thiefhouse
0x0001B7D3 teleportpc
0x0001B924 vampleader
0x0001B9AE vampkilled
0x0001BA94 vampreward
0x0001BAF3 rippername
0x0001BCD3 shortdelay
0x0001BEEC spellsword
0x0001C185 werewolves
0x0001C18C questgiver
0x0001C18C tranporter
0x0001C1E3 traveltime
0x0001C3D7 witchhouse
0x0001C7B7 storehouse
0x0001C928 stronghold
0x00027D1C 2shedungent
0x00028FB7 2storehouse
0x00031BC2 daedclicked
0x000327F6 alchemyshop
0x00032BF2 ancientlich
0x00032C1C darkbmember
0x00032E49 childlocale
0x0003342C clickqgiver
0x000337D2 iceatronach
0x000338CC bloodfather
0x00033BA0 destination
0x00033FEF hidingplace
0x000341B8 findtraitor
0x00034417 contactdung
0x00034C7C givenletter
0x00034E77 givershouse
0x00034FF4 hitguardian
0x0003544D dummydaedra
0x00035717 hookerhouse
0x00035A0D frostdaedra
0x00035C48 lettergiven
0x000362B2 pickuplocal
0x000365F7 scholardung
0x000365FE relartifact
0x00036C57 targethouse
0x00036F1C thiefmember
0x000371C2 vampclicked
0x00037697 ripperhouse
0x00037BF7 victimhouse
0x00037C14 queenreward
0x0003815A traitordead
0x0003844C transporter
0x00063E8B daedraprince
0x000666A9 falseletter1
0x000666AA falseletter2
0x000666AB falseletter3
0x000666AC falseletter4
0x000668A7 clickonenemy
0x0006799C finddaughter
0x000685D2 fireatronach
0x00068642 enemyclicked
0x00069178 aurielshield
0x0006A3EF meetingplace
0x0006B2C7 mensclothing
0x0006B48D lesserdaedra
0x0006BC6F pickedupitem
0x0006C4D2 ironatronach
0x0006C638 pickupregion
0x0006CD2E hunterkilled
0x0006CF75 oracletemple
0x0006D40B mistresshome
0x0006E38F sleepingmage
0x0006E698 thievesguild
0x00070077 sistershouse
0x00070CC2 rulerclicked
0x000C7C90 daedraseducer
0x000CC097 daughterhouse
0x000CCFB0 clickoblivion
0x000CD2EC clickonqgiver
0x000CD81B betrothedhome
0x000D0AD2 fleshatronach
0x000D9A14 scholarreward
0x000D9D5F religiousitem
0x000D9EB8 missingperson
0x000DB798 skeffingcoven
0x000E0914 traitorreward
0x000E0DF6 questfinished
0x00199CF4 betrayguardian
0x001A5D0C giveingredient
0x001A9C53 executiondelay
0x001B6FBB revealmonsters
0x001C82C7 womensclothing
0x00358AC2 oblivionclicked