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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Nest of Yerahoth Harpy Nest 8
The Lair of Yethoth Spider Nest 14
Barezar's Barrow Crypt 12
The Tombs of Copperhouse Cemetery 5
Tower Copperfield Ruined Castle 13
Ruins of Moorhouse Hall Desecrated Temple 8
The Coppersley Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Lysyna Cabal Coven 12
The Tower of Mastersmith Laboratory 13
The Citadel of Hearthhouse Laboratory 11
The Grave of Nebuchomaus Crypt 10
The Laboratory of Agristyr Laboratory 12
The Citadel of Theodyrick Human Stronghold 8
Dagker's Nest Spider Nest 8
The Moorsley Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The House of Gaerham Ruined Castle 10
The Hawksley Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Ashhart Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Gaerham Tower Prison 8
The Greenton Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Stronghold of Bedane Human Stronghold 8
The Nest of Vermuphang Spider Nest 13
Buckingsley Tower Human Stronghold 8
Masterfield Tower Crypt 13
The Hold of Ashham Coven 11
The Friary of Balasivah Desecrated Temple 13
Ruins of Old Ysolda's Place Laboratory 8
The Penitentiary of Bedynak Prison 12
The Yeomston Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Elyzanna Assembly Barbarian Stronghold 8
The Haunt of Viscount Lithovon Vampire Haunt 14
Ruins of Buckingfield Hall Human Stronghold 10
Ruins of Yeomford Hall Spider Nest 10
The Citadel of Hearthham Ruined Castle 12
The Hearthfield Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Hawking's Hold Ruined Castle 10
Castle Magnulion Vampire Haunt 13
Castle Coppering Prison 8