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Map of Harpy and Scorpion nests.

Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Web of Grollath Scorpion Nest 13
Ruins of The Ghuldten Farmstead Vampire Haunt 8
The Citadel of Glaldem Prison 8
Ruins of Castle B'irn Laboratory 8
The Fortress of Rhorpom Vampire Haunt 8
The Laboratory of Naghtur Laboratory 10
The Haunt of Verezezzar Vampire Haunt 13
The Kheghtke Pit Mine 10
The Bajem Cemetery Cemetery 5
Ruins of M'irte Hall Harpy Nest 12
The Web of Azdoth Scorpion Nest 13
The Circle of Stalltha Barbarian Stronghold 12
Ruins of The Tower of Varchim Human Stronghold 8
Ruins of Shrezam Manor Natural Cave 10
The Gaol of Stughtte Prison 8
The Grave of Balthezyth Crypt 13
The Caargar Tombs Cemetery 5
The Fhurkar Pit Mine 8
The Roost of Hezotlath Harpy Nest 8
The Krordom Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of The Old Rasur Place Crypt 8
Castle Viscount Darkomam Vampire Haunt 10
Castle Lhefyl'kern Mine 12
Ruins of Bourcem Court Natural Cave 8
The Stronghold of Sofylar Human Stronghold 8
The Nest of Gromrugoth Harpy Nest 13
The Convent of Baluliva Desecrated Temple 10
Castle Duke Morobeon Vampire Haunt 8
The Maelith Cave Natural Cave 8
The Vojetor Web Spider Nest 8
The Log Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5
Khiz's Guard Orc Stronghold 8
The Cavern of Maelebranxulla Natural Cave 11
Jubonulla Minster Desecrated Temple 14
The Web of Gromgon Spider Nest 8
The Rattothor Coop Harpy Nest 12
Ruins of Castle Balpta Scorpion Nest 10
The Lair of Vermbith Scorpion Nest 12
Shast'kern Tower Harpy Nest 14
Rattloth Orc Stronghold 12
The Hezdoth Nest Harpy Nest 8
The Web of Vojgoth Scorpion Nest 8
Castle Furar Natural Cave 8
The Community of Thoshki Barbarian Stronghold 8
The Tombs of Caellrn Forgotten Cemetery 5
Dhirkim Tower Crypt 13
The Norgoth Nest Harpy Nest 8
The Rholpan Cemetery Cemetery 5
The B'irmca Convergence Barbarian Stronghold 12
The Morgoth Aerie Harpy Nest 13
The Cabal of Nirgsa Coven 8
Yagbith's Web Scorpion Nest 8
The Aviary of Sashotgon Harpy Nest 12
The Citadel of Blez Human Stronghold 10
The Coven of F'avba Coven 12
The Azrius Web Scorpion Nest 8
Tower Blallar Harpy Nest 8
Chethar's Hold Scorpion Nest 12
The Stronghold of Vlist Desecrated Temple 8
The Dhughtom Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of The Citadel of Cerkrn Harpy Nest 12
The Stronghold of Nhurhton Barbarian Stronghold 11
Ruins of Old Raolp-e's Farm Mine 8
The Hold of Raerct Spider Nest 14
The Yagotvor Nest Scorpion Nest 8
Khirhtten's Hold Mine 11
THe Crypts of Krorpan Forgotten Cemetery 5
Thercrn's Hold Desecrated Temple 12
Norriker Orc Stronghold 11
T'uct'kern's Hold Harpy Nest 8
Castle M'arhtem Human Stronghold 8
The Mhar'kern Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Nhught Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Thircrn Manor Orc Stronghold 14
Ruins of The Shriv Cabin Coven 11
Nebuchelon's Tomb Crypt 13
Rattedred Giant Stronghold 13
The Tower of Thirter Spider Nest 8
The Fortress of Thurnem Giant Stronghold 8
The Castle of Klirchten Ruined Castle 12
The Nest of Vephang Scorpion Nest 8
The Sashus Web Scorpion Nest 8
Sekaus Orc Stronghold 8