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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Stronghold of Yeomton Crypt 8
Moorford Tower Human Stronghold 8
The Mordard House of Correction Prison 8
The Hold of Buckingston Vampire Haunt 8
Hearthham's Hold Human Stronghold 13
The Sahiaminx Shrine Desecrated Temple 8
The Stronghold of Kingfield Ruined Castle 10
Castle Gaerhart Giant Stronghold 8
Ruins of Moorham Orchard Spider Nest 13
Ruins of Ashhart Manor Natural Cave 12
The Tower of Greenhouse Vampire Haunt 8
The Hold of Gaerfield Mine 10
Ruins of The Gaering Cabin Crypt 10
The Citadel of Wickhouse Laboratory 13
Ruins of Tower Kingfield Orc Stronghold 12
Marquis Nebuchobaus's Barrow Crypt 14
The Evelabyth Tradition Coven 10
The Castle of Buckinghart Ruined Castle 8
Castle Ashham Natural Cave 8
The Mastering Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Sekker's Nest Spider Nest 13
Ruins of Greenton Orchard Spider Nest 8
Castle Yeomsley Vampire Haunt 8
The Masterhart Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
Tower Kingwing Laboratory 10
Mordistair Laboratory Laboratory 8
Buckingfield Tower Coven 8
Ruins of The Ashing Cabin Barbarian Stronghold 8
The Hole of Sahatexah Natural Cave 10
Ruins of Old Lysausa's Shack Mine 8
Tower Hearthsly Coven 8
Ruins of Masterford Manor Mine 8
The Cult of Morgausa Coven 8
Ruins of Old Vannyvyra's Hovel Ruined Castle 8
The Temple of Gerith Desecrated Temple 8
Yeoming Tower Natural Cave 8
Ruins of The Hold of Kinging Desecrated Temple 10
Castle Hearthfield Laboratory 12
Castle Hearthcroft Desecrated Temple 8
Castle Wicking Giant Stronghold 12
The Convent of Sahuliva Desecrated Temple 8
Tower Yeoming Vampire Haunt 13
Ruins of The Kingford Farmstead Mine 8
The Fortress of Coppersmith Barbarian Stronghold 10
Castle Greenfield Coven 13
The Ashsmith Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Tower Yeomsley Orc Stronghold 8
Tower Mastersley Spider Nest 11
Tower Yeomfield Mine 8
Coppersley's Guard Human Stronghold 13
The House of Barelion Vampire Haunt 8
Ruins of Yeomsmith's Guard Crypt 8